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I did the mixtape thing
gave her cd’s
with music I loved
wanted her to love
y’know the thing
where you string songs
some sloppy soppy shit
how I loved her in my life
I’d play them
as I drove over
to hers
thinking how
it was going to be
she never made
one for me
now there is
a clue
& then I saw them
stacked up
neat in a row
next to a tiny player
size of a toaster
in fact
next to the toaster
& that’s when
you know
are toast

neil benbow

More Ascian Lore by Nabs!

So OOC post here because I’ve been doing more research into Ascians and have discovered something interesting about the Lesser Paragons with titles such as Chalice, Sword, Pentacle, and Staff (so far these are the only ones we know of.) These are ALL actually symbols based in wiccan elemental lore and magic!

The symbol of the chalice represents water. In the SMN MSQ 50-60 you encounter an Ascian of the Twelfth Chalice who makes a lot of mention of the waters of the twelfth chalice during your encounters with him.

The symbol of the sword represents fire.

The symbol of the pentacle or pentagram usually includes all elements however it is used to bind elemental spirits of the earth. So we’re safe to assume this element would be earth.

The symbol of the staff can represent either fire, earth, or air. But given the four basic elemental properties and the fact that there are only 4 named titles for these types of paragons, we will have to choose air for it.

In another lore scrounging bit I’ve also discovered the other day with @lord-zodiark and @aegir-ffxiv that there very well could possibly be Ascians of other named numbers in the order of Lesser Paragons. We know by now that Overlords are from various fragments. However if we take a look at the Scions of Light and Darkness on the list located on the finalfantasy.wikia page you’ll notice they’re named in a specific order. If you count down that list; who is number 12? Lahabrea.

This would mean that an Ascian of the First Chalice would be aligned with Overlord Loghrif.

An Ascian of the second would be aligned with Mitron.

The third with Emet-Selch.

The fourth with Pashtarot and so on and so forth.

Anyway that’s all I have now for some new and exciting lore bits! :D

quickly nabs dad’s internet to post thing

alt title: how do i left hand

First of a few alternate pose sketch things I want to do for the christmas gift art (semi-nsfw) I did for @softpunkbucky and @readytocomply I was gonna do a sketch pile but its now 2am alsknfdlkg

While figuring the giftart out I was tossing up between 3 poses, this was one of the alternates.

also izzy gave me another idea yesterday


// Okay. So I haven’t really said this before but in actuality I do have some competence with drawing. Surprise. So I figured I would post a couple of my Trigun pieces for the fun of it. Feel free to color in the last one if you feel like doing so. I not mind at all. Gonna tag @typhcccn in case they want to use anything for an icon or something. So enjoy the mun art. //

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I keep thinking about that post with Nabs and Ganon are fighting over the covers, and Link is yelling at them saying he's got too many sisters. I now can't stop thinking of a bunch of little Gerudo girls dog piling over their favorite big brother coming home!

Link and his sisters + brother! I imagine this image taking place after the events of Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing when Link finally comes home. Regardless of age, Link will always be the little brother because of his shrimpy, Hylian size! ;)

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Aight so I got emo last night and decided to go all the way back on the girls’ Twitters. I made the observation that everything involving Camren got HELLA likes and rts. Here’s what I found.

To be fair and show some comparison I put in some Caminah. Less than 6k on both
likes and rts. Next is Lauren meeting Patrick. Less than 10k both ways. Next, Lauren confirms she’s G!P. Less than 7k. Then there’s Lauren posting a vine of Camila shooting hoops. 15k rts, 11k likes. Camila going to Lauren’s hotel room (I think?) For cookies. 25k rts, 20k likes. Lauren posts a selfie looking scrumptious as usual. Less than 4k on both retweets and likes. Lauren uploads a vine of her and Camila. 17k rts and 13k likes. Lauren posts a pic of Camila. 25k, 17k. Camren selfie, Camren selfie, both around 60k rts and 30k likes. Just to be fair I also nabbed a Laucy post, which could only haul in about 3k both ways.

The main point of this?

Camren, real or not, (real), draws so much attention. It’s famous. You search up Lauren you get suggestions of Camren and Camila. There’s no denying that management would be making a smart moving having them be together. Imagine how much money/attention that would pull in.

Not really sure what the point of this was but Camren is the one ship that pulls in the most because if how real it is. The looks, the proofs, everything. But that’s for another story. For now just enjoy knowing that Camren is famous.