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Trust me, if you think "buns" was hilarious enough from Tokyopop's "translation"...Ptilol's name was translated as..."PETITE ROLL". Not to mention that they also had novelizations of every episode up to Nephrite's death (they suddenly stopped after that)- the dub names were used, but the Japanese attack and transformation names were used as well as the novels adapting the episodes DiC cut. But the reason why they're so hilarious? ALL OF THEM ARE PACKED WITH '90S POP CULTURE REFERENCES.

AU where everyone is named after different forms of bread

Follow Buns and her friends, Anpan Mizuno, Rye Hino, Multigrain Aino, Matzah ball Kino, and Mamoru Pita as they battle the evil Sandwiches 5 of the Death Toasters, led by none other than their arch nemesis, Petite Roll. Can they rescue Hotaru Tortilla and prevent her from turning into Mistress Naan?