you know when you go to a dawat and its time to eat theres usually those really flimsy disposable paper plates that are on the verge of breaking when u put food in them? that’s a metaphor for my life I feel. I am the paper plate from the dollar store and the biryani/ chicken tikka/naan/butter chicken waghaira waghaira r the stresses of my life.

Naan bread is all kinds of wonderful. It is fast to make, incredibly flexible and tastes absolutely amazing. Never has baking bread been this fast or easy. From opening your pack of flour to brushing the baked bread with butter, you will need no more than 30 minutes. Usually, naan is served alongside a curry, but I believe that this humble bread has the potential to be the main player of meal, just serve it with a mild and creamy yoghurt and cucumber raita or with a refreshing salad of onions and tomatoes, called kachumber, and you will easily please any crowd with this light and refreshing dish.

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