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I love your piggy rescue art but from a vet standpoint, pigs are very sensitive to disease so it would be harmful to them if they were "rescued" from their usually isolated farms. Tho, roadhog would probably spend his fortune on them for healthcare!

Thank you, and you make good points! I imagine Roadhog being an expertise with pigs so he’d know a nice pig sanctuary to place all the other piggies he’s rescued before.

It’s saying the ‘goodbyes’ each time that’s the hard part ;v;


SM Entertainment just revealed the newest Super Junior member. 

Back in the 2014, rumor had it that a new member was going to be added, after the rumor circulated around the fandom, ELF, a fellow staff member had leaked photos of the rumored member. 

-Exhibit A 

Due to unlucky circumstances, The Watermelon was killed by a hit-and-run. This was the primary suspect :

-Exhibit B 

Due to this unfortunate event, SM Entertainment postponed any addition to Super Junior members.

BUT, later in 2015;

SM Entertainment just introduced its latest member which is the newest Super Junior member, who is going to be introduced in their latest Comeback ‘DEVIL’. 

Exhibit C

As soon as the teaser images for the new member surfed the internet, fangirls are having the ~feels~. 

Our sources say that he is currently dominating the fandom’s bias list - As a result, the fandom is finally giving the new member its stage name; The cocklist wrecker. 

The new member introduces himself as “Hello, I’m Super Junior’s Cock~!

Hope the new member is welcomed well into the family !

-funkysuperjuniorgifs, writer when bored af, Tumblr.