a still from Naabz (2012) by Hassan Hajjaj

“In this film, the character Naabz is a street artist who is fighting for her rights, due to the veil ban. She travels to each city – in this case Paris – sticking posters of women in veils around the city. I want to address the politically charged symbol of the veil, playfully questioning our perception of and obsession with stereotypes. I like to play with the concept, like to loosen up people’s ideas of what an Arabic woman looks like.” - Hassan Hajjaj

Born in 1961 in Morocco, Hassan Hajjaj Lives and works in London and Marrakech. His work encompasses a number of techniques and fields, from designing and producing furniture made from recycled North African artefacts to custom-made clothes and photography.

Increasingly known for his elaborately framed photography, Hajjaj is also famous for designing the ‘Andy Wahloo’ bar-restaurant in Paris. 'Andy Wahloo’ acknowledges one of his favourite artists, Andy Warhol, while also referring to a Parisian slang term meaning 'I have nothing’, adopted by Hajjaj as a way of describing his work.