naaah i love her so much

fma week 2015 day 4: home & family

for this day i wanted to focus on the bradleys and the wonderful relationship they have. sure, they were just playing family (on the homunculi’s parts) but i love how the emotions were so real. it was wrath who chose his wife himself; he clearly loves her so much, and pride has developed affections for his “mother”. truly, mrs. bradley is the homunculus master heart of the bradley family, loving her boys equally. 

anonymous asked:

Naaah no one in the De Vil family cares for their offspring, maybe they care for Ivy but for Carlos no one gives a shit. Maybe Diego does. Maybe Diego got some love from his family but, but not so much. IDK where I'm going with this.

Harriet: Messing with Carlos is messing with Cruella by extension, because he’s ‘her’s’. Cruella doesn’t like being messed with. The De Vils don’t like when Cruella is angry. Do the math.