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Can I ask for a Kyuhyun spam? And a hug from Oppa R? :) Thank you. <3


Dat neck tho

Curse those pillowy lips

hahahahahhaha penis but seriously I want to sit on his lap
- Admin R

- Oppa R

man, i gush about elementary a lot, but it’s just so important to me that lucy liu is watson, and i’m probably going to make posts incredibly similar to this a hundred times, because i think this literally every time i think about elementary, but it’s just such a fucking visceral feeling of satisfaction seeing an asian woman play joan watson. they could have so easily decided to cast her as a white woman romantic interest ™ or even just a white woman and decided that that was enough representation, but they made her asian, and for a girl who was obsessed with mysteries as a teen, period mysteries like sherlock holmes especially, and who had (has) huge body image issues about her asian heritage, seeing a character playing a role that i’ve loved since i was young look like me is just the best feeling. it’s the best feeling in the world, especially since all those creepy, geeky asian girl characters on tv used to really hurt my feelings while i was growing up and trying to push away my ethnicity since it wasn’t associated with things that i felt i wanted to be in the mostly white area i was living in. mysteries have always been an escape for me, and joan watson as a character really connects to me on a personal level. i’m just so utterly thrilled that she exists and she’s treated like a normal human character, i don’t fucking care if people think that i take media too seriously or if they think elementary’s just a sherlock ripoff or whatever. or anything. media is really important to a lot of people, especially when they’re in a situation where it’s hard to relate to the people around them, or when they have difficult situations in life to try to understand, and the idea that someone like i was when i was a teen trying to Figure Shit Out might be sitting down to watch elementary like i watched all those mystery shows and feeling prettier and more confident than i did back in my terrible teens because she can see joan watson being pretty and smart and confident is just. amazing. good for you, mystery teenage girl, i hope you solve mysteries and dress however you want to and speak up when you feel uncomfortable and never ever wish you looked whiter.

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Wow seriously can you stop with those asks spams. Just answer them privatly or something. Don't make yourself look like you are a tumblr famous or something. geez (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ (and yeah blackmail or whatever it is, doesn't work) "i love making friends" well u almost dont have any, they are just people that you know -.- or "kawaii lolita lowers" bleh

Wow, anon, uhm… I…. assume you don’t know how the message system of tumblr works? Oh dearie me, if you just took a couple of seconds to have a look at all those asks I’ve answered you’d find out quickly enough they all have one thing in common; they’re all on anon. You can’t reply privately to anons. If I could, I would be fully capable of answering you privately right here, right now, but then you wouldn’t really be anon anymore, would you? 

Also, the fact that you’re actually just contributing to the ask spams…. thats… cruel, cruel irony, really.

The way you write makes you sound like a terribly bitter person, to be honest! I’m not trying to make myself seem tumblr famous. Those asks were all from individual people, sending me messages, and I can’t help that. Thats not me trying to make myself look tumblr famous. Thats a tiny portion of my 11,400 followers (who are all great and majestic lions <3) sending me messages without me encouraging anybody to do so. Is it really that wrong of me taking the time out of my plenty busy day to reply to their kind words? To show that I’m actually incredibly thankful of them all?

In case you didn’t notice, I did write a warning before I started replying to all of them, reminding people like you who get upset for no reason that if you don’t want to get spammed, blacklist, ignore or block me for the time being. I warned you - because I knew something like this would happen, haha! To be quite honest with you, friend - it’s not my fault you did neither of those things? ; - ; 

And oh goodness, this just keeps getting more and more bitter! I don’t know you, atleast I assume I don’t know you, but boy do you sound like you’re that kind of person who has neither popularity or a lot of friends themselves and takes that bitterness out on other people! I never stated I had a lot of friends - thats usually why people want to make more of them. You see my point here?

I’ll have you know I do have a bunch of friends, though, oh boy, I could list a bunch of them right now, but I guess for you that would just be me making another attempt at making myself seem popular, would it not? Well, I might as well use this opportunity to boast of some of my dear, friendly friends, atleast those you can actually contact by tumblr!

There is my beloved Sir Edward, my super cool friends Sylvian, Susann and Iben, the ever so preppy Marius, my friendly Lamby, sweetheart Siv, superb Silvia, my buds Vilde and Tora, my friendsies Vivi and Jisa, the wife of Thorin aka Nana and ohh there are so many more but I can’t spend eternity on this or else I guess I’m just looking for attention! (you’re all lovely btw I adore you all so much you’re the bestest)

If you’d like, you could come off anon and I’ll link you to each and every one of them and more at that! They’re not fictional. They’re my friends. Huzzah!

What are you trying to compensate for, though? If you’ve got legit difficulties that make you bash others in order to make yourself feel better…. I’m actually willing to, and wanting to help you out. We could talk it out, friend! ; 7 ;