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Oh jeez what has ur blog become

a good question

Actually, if I may: Quiet and tame, save for the Occasional Shitpost™ every now and then and todays Ask Spam. But very quiet otherwise, even with submissions we get about… maybe one to three every 2 weeks unless we push a post. We lose followers daily, even more so when we post anything that isn’t an imagine. Even now, as I edit and post this, we’re losing followers. Its gotten to the point where we’re crumbling quietly, peacefully. Its sad and solemn, but calming in a way I suppose.

We’re an old blog by many standards, slowly fading with the age of time. Even the blog we got based off of died out 3 years ago. There are duplicates of us but some are individual and stand out well on their own. I’m proud of them. I hope their imagines get more attention.

I never wanted to take modding this seriously because doing so would ruin the happy, silly-paced vibe it gives off every now and then. We still have people from when Dessy first started this blog seeing us now and wondering “What the hell is happening” and yet. They’ve stuck with us for 4 years. 4 YEARS! I’ve changed blogs about 7 times and pretty much quit tumblr completely since then, and yet i’m still compelled to help run this blog!

This blog and its everything is dear to my heart and extremely nostalgic. Its such good memories for me, Meeting all the Mods one by one, getting to know each of them even though we don’t talk as much anymore. The friends I’ve met through this blog and miss dearly because of lack of communication or them leaving Tumblr as well… I hope they’re doing well. That they’re having a wonderful time wherever they are. 

Thumbing through old posts and submissions for the hell of it, even if they get to the “Oh god, why DID I post that!?” stage. Its fun, all fun. Every moment of it is just a joy ride.

I just… Its delved back into what it once was for just a moment. Like that scene in Marnie where the old mansion came alive with party lights and dancing. It warm, enchanting, and wild.

I love it.

-Mod 2

Phone services are finally warning you when spammers are calling

  • As it turns out, T-Mobile recently rolled out a feature that warns you when your incoming calls are from telemarketers or likely scammers. That’s right, world: You don’t need to get all the way to those dang robots to know you can ignore that call. 
  • The caller ID says “Scam Likely.” I can also opt to block those scam calls entirely.All of it was made possible by Federal Communications Commission rules that require telecom companies to let their users block certain calls. 


A huge famine is happening in Somalia, people are dying by thousands. UN reports that it is the biggest humanitarian crisis since WW2. It is revolting that stuff like that are happening in our time. We can not just stand there and watch other humans die telling ourselves that we can’t do anything when we can! Turkish Airline is the only airline that flies to Somalia. We could get them to send a plane that US people would fill with food and water for the people in Somalia. It might sound crazy but it is possible! WE can help them! WE HAVE TO. Log on twitter, snapchat, instagram, any social media and make #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia trend to spread awareness. You and I can do something, we can save them.