The Afterlife Just Got Interesting...

Naturally, the first order of business that Peggy Carter embarked upon when she reached the afterlife was to climb her husband like a tree and snog him.  Thoroughly. 

She did have her priorities straight after all.

Then it was to greet her third child - Jane - who had died in an unfortunate accident as a teenager, then her parents, of course and her grandparents and all the family members and friends who had gone before.  Of course.

And then, once that was sorted out, she went and smacked Howard Stark upside the head.  Hard.


“You deserve it, for royally bollicksing up everything with your boy Tony.”

“If you want to knee him in the balls, I’ll hold him down for you, Director Carter,” Dum Dum offered loyally.

“Is everyone I ever know going to have a go at me because of Tony?” Howard whined.

The answer to that was a resounding “YES!” from everyone. 

Howard was wise enough not to complain after that.  Especially since the Howlies’ Captain and Sergeant were yet to join them and already, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were planning to have a very long discussion with Howard Stark over his treatment of his son. 

Had Fate been kinder, Rogers and Barnes would’ve been Tony’s godfathers

And then, of course, eventually, Peggy was brought over to a Certain Hall, which, technically speaking, should not really be accessed by the spirits of Humans, but then, Manwe, in his guise as a Certain Grey Pilgrim, lost a wager to the Lady Yavanna and a reformed Lord Melkor.  Therefore, a Chosen Few amongst the Spirits of Humans were allowed to mingle with Aule’s Children. 

Aule, mind you, was already bracing himself for the eventual day that Anthony Edward Stark would be set loose upon his Halls, considering what happened with Howard.  All of the Nine Realms would be right to tremble. 

Except Aule was looking in the wrong direction. 

Thorin Oakenshield - when he could be spared from cooing over his Dwobbitling and making up for lost time with his Hobbit husband - was only too glad to make the acquaintance of the “Lady Peggy” and show her the ropes, so to speak.  She was pleased to find that her favorite Captain and his beloved Sergeant were well on their way to their own “happily ever after,” though there were a few hiccups to contend with.  So apparently, even their currently living friends needed some back up to deal with the combined pigheadedness of Rogers and Barnes.  

She was up to the task. 

And this might have been well enough, but Dis, Thorin’s sister, wanted to meet the newcomer. 

The Princess of the House of Durin and the Director of SHIELD sized each other up and smiled. 

The Ladies of the Valar were delighted.

The Lords of the Valar felt the stirrings of a Great Doom. 

Jim Morita of the Howling Commandos summed it up perfectly:  “Uh-oh.”

And in her dreams, Natasha Romanoff found herself making the acquaintance of a warrior dwarrowdam and the legendary Peggy Carter.

Said ladies invited her to a dreamworld shooting range and said that eventually, they’d get around to bringing in Pepper Potts and a few other ladies of Natasha’s acquaintance.  Apparently, there was much to discuss…

- tbc -

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