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There were some rumors floating around last week that this second lead role in Goblin might go to various idol stars, but I’m glad that the offer went to Yoo Inna (One More Happy Ending) in the end. She just has a warmth to her that I like, and whether she’s playing leads or supporting …
Reply 1994 - What does it teach us?

- Miracles do not exist.

- Hard work will not pay off

- You will end up with your first boyfriend/girlfriend

- Being rude and comfortable at your first love’s house is normal

- Once one break up, one can get back together

- It ain’t over til it’s really over

- You can be famous overnight

- Height doesn’t matter

- Photoshop skills doesn’t matter

- you can forget about the girl you love overnight as long as you put your mind into it

- You can be chummy with your first love even though she’s married

Yeah. Eff this. Sorry I’m bitter.

Trash Oppa Vs Chilbongie

Why Trash Oppa is the husband?

  1. Na Jung loves him from episode 1-18(19?). That makes almost through out the entire drama.
  2. The amount of time invested in their love story. This drama is about their love story, the central love-line.
  3. He won’t hang out with Na Jung and the gang in 2013 if he wasn’t the husband. It will be a.w.k.w.a.r.d and I think trash Oppa will avoid Na Jung if they don’t end up together.
  4. The way Chilbongie threw the baseball ball at Trash oppa in 2013, showed that he “lost” and Oppa “won”. I think Chilbong will be cool to still hang out with them even he lost. But if its the opposite, i think it is quite rude/arrogant for Chilbong to throw the ball at Trash if he had been the husband. 
  5. Dad told little Joon at the wedding that Joon’s brother in law i.e. his son in law is the ugliest among the five dudes. Well he loves both Chilbongie and Trash, but we all know his character. He would without batting an eye call Trash ugly (shows how much he loves Trash) yet if Chilbongie, he would compliment and praise how good looking his son in law is.
  6. The medical books on the book shelf. Belongs to Oppa?
  7. The writer purposely messed with our mind with Oppa cousin’s prediction (comeo by Kim Seul Gi) that Oppa and Na Jung won’t last. But in actual Oppa is the husband. 
  8. Shi Won’s surprised face when she open the door in 2013. She remembers her encounter with Oppa in the bus back in Busan.
  9. or perhaps the writer is doing twist of a twist i.e. making us believe that oppa as the husband is too predictable, so there’s good chance for Chilbongie to win. And suddenly outsmart us by making Oppa the husband all along (if this makes sense?)
  10. In episode 0, it was edited in such a way not to spoil the viewers (A) showing there’s possible love-line between Haitai and Yoo Jin but none of her with Samchunpo, and we all know by now Yoo Jin is married to Samchunpo. (B) Showing Chilbong and Na Jung as a possible pair but none with trash oppa at all. That means Na Jung must ended up with Oppa too. No?
  11. Because I want uri adorkable seuregi oppa to be the husband.

Why Chilbongie is the husband?

  1. He called Na Jung’s dad abunim instead of coach-nim.
  2. The writer want to make a twist so Chilbongie being the second lead gets the girl.
  3. ?????

I tried so hard to think of other reasons to support Chilbongie, but that’s all i’ve got. I think if Chilbongie won mainly would be because of reason no 2. 

Yes, I am bias. Go team Oppa.