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Sasalubungin daw kasi namin yung sunrise sa dagat at masaya yun pero 7am na nung nagising ako at mga naghihilik pa tumbong ng mga kasama ko huhu. De yun, lumabas ako at nagugutom na ko haha. Pumunta naman ako ng dagat at kumuha ng mga ilang letrato tapos yun balik sa kwarto at natulog uli hahaha. 12nn nang umalis kami sa resort para pumunta naman sa falls at kingina di sila makamoveon sa MVP moves ko sa team building at sa pagsayaw ko ng energy gap. Swabe daw hagod ko sabi pa nung isa kong office mate hahaha jusq.

Ang ganda nung falls pero ang dami ding tao nung pagpunta namin dun kaya wala akong shot na maganda. Hindi narin ako nagtangka na maligo at wew masaya na ko na nakapunta ko dun at kumuha ng letrato. Oks naman eh kaya lang mainit at mahaba habang lakaran, at akyat baba sa hagdan ang kailangan. At nognog na ko putapete. 4pm nang umalis kami sa falls para umuwi na.

Putapete ang lakas pala nang ulan pauwi. Masakit na nga katawan. Maitim pa. May sugat pa. Pero enjoy naman sa mga napuntahan kahit di masyado sa mga kasama. Nagkaron na naman kasi nang paharing sa laging late ko pagpasok at pananahimik ko lagi. Pwede naman ako kausapin kesa nagpaparinig sila diba? anyways, hinayaan ko nalang at nakisama nalang ako. haha Nakauwi naman kami ng matiwasay. 10pm na halos yun. At James Reid parin tawag sakin pauwi. jusq kawawang james

An Open Letter to the Heneral Luna Fandom and it’s Hate Blog; Part 2

To the mods (?)  @mabinaldo-isdead

Good Evening!

Since you do not realize the damage that you have done; and as I see in your posts, are gleefully doing, I think this open letter will help. A heart to heart from a tumblr and fandom veteran in particular, ika nga. 

You must be wondering why no one is actually contacting you personally. I see someone who did, and you just treated them flippantly. You are also scoffing at how the older ones in the fandom are accommodating the newer ones and helping them cope (again and again I may add). That’s the reason.

For someone who claims to be nationalistic, I think you forgot that Filipinos tend to be tender-hearted and thin skinned. You forgot that this is a new fandom, that most of these people are not actually aware of gender issues and social awareness, especially here in tumblr. You forgot that we are Asians, and Filipinos, and sometimes the western way to do things is not the most effective way of getting a point across. Hence, you being so outspoken and aggressive, without listening to anyone or giving them a chance to breathe and speak and ask what is wrong, alienated and scared a lot of people. You could have just been patient, and gently tell them off one by one, or roll your eyes, and let things slide because these people are new. Instead, you chose to bully (yes bully, because you actively seeked out the crack tag that people made to distance themselves from the historians and gif makers) people into looking into your perspective of things, and damn the consequences. Right? 

I don’t think you realize or want to accept that you actually have hurt a LOT of people. They may not have talked about it in the tags, but it poured out in Twitter, in Facebook and in Skype. That instead of gently easing them in and explaining social relevance, you decided to lump everyone in the fandom as “disgusting” and continue to keep doing it. You decided to ignore that there are budding lawyers, students, geologists, biologists, psych majors, archaeologists who also are brilliant artists and writers, and more importantly human, and are bound to make mistakes. Honestly, I’m impressed at the speed of the damage that a couple of young girls can do to a community.

Oh, but you are young! And minors! (one of you is 15, if I am correct) and you’re getting anon hate mail in your blog and your main! Just because you are the only one getting hate mail because of this, does not automatically make you the victim. I’m sorry, but you cannot hide behind your age, or issues, or mental health. If you have the brain capacity and the energy to make a hate blog, you are then mature enough to face the consequences of such actions. Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities.

Now, let’s get to the meat of the problem. In your posts, you accuse the Heneral Luna fandom of being heteronormative, ableist, transphobic, and fostering rape culture. You say this again and again until you start to sound like a broken record. Also you keep asking people to send you hate mail. A lot. That’s counter-productive to your goal, isn’t it?

First off; a big, important question. Are any of you trans? Or at least part of the LGBTQ spectrum? Are any of you crippled, or have actual mental health issues where you desperately need meds. Are any of you physically sick, and are suffering because you cannot afford meds? Have you ever felt a crippling hunger because you cannot afford food at all? Have you ever felt fear in the streets because some twats decided to stalk you and cat call you, even if you are covered completely. Do you live in fear of getting emotionally abused by your usually nice but very homophobic relatives because you’re gay?

Whether just a few apply (my sympathies) or none at all, my reply is the same.

Check your privilege.

This is coming from a girl whose parents migrated to the Middle East because they had no other opportunities, after surviving the Marcos regime. This is from a girl who was sexually harassed by someone she trusted as a child. This is from someone who has skin asthma and has stopped studies because pus erupted everywhere and I had to leave the country to get cheaper medical treatment, and after that treatment is to be continued forever, because it is hormonal. This is from someone, who is working in an industry that is thankless and with no job benefits, because our wonderful government does not recognize artists or writers as human beings, whose pay is below minimum wage but she still stays because this is her passion. This is from someone who is tired of living in fear from homophobic relatives who do become violent at the mention of gay people (I’m out with my immediate family tho haha)

Check your privilege.

I do not know what chip you have on your shoulder to react so violently to these issues, but you do not use your pain and make others suffer for it just because you feel the world is against you, especially if they aren’t aware of it at all.

Yes, I don’t condone some things the fandom does. It’s a bit baffling to me too but I’ve decided to roll with the punches and let them figure out for themselves that some things are wrong. This is what I and what other people in the know have been doing, and not “tolerating” as you put it.

If you are so angry and wish to nitpick every single thing in this fandom; I’d like to give you a list. I’d like you to boycott every single historical biopic that came out in the Philippines before Heneral Luna; for always putting our heroes on pedestals, and making them perfect snowflakes, so unattainable, almost like demigods. And the ones that do portray them as actual flawed humans, boycott those too because the directors decided to interpret them in a certain way. Boycott those interpretative plays of our heroes, like the one where Mabini dances ballet, the steampunk one where Mabini is played by a female. Boycott our historians, like Nick Joaquin, for being too harsh on the heroes in his book, or Teodoro Agoncillo, for not even being a proper historian in the first place and for daring to give his somewhat biased views that are pro- Aguinaldo. I want you to boycott Heneral Luna itself; for villainizing Pedro Paterno, for getting things wrong in the name of entertainment (like the train scene, in which Luna can’t speak English. He can. Remember Nellie Bousted?), for actually giving alternate character interpretations of historical figures so different from the ones we are so used to seeing, for actually daring to not be a normal biopic which is fair to everyone involved. (And this was actually discussed to us and allowed by the History consultants, who taught in UP’S ACLE class, Sir Alvy Campones, and Sir Xiao Chua, who you can totally boycott too).

We can go on and on until we reach the Bard himself (check out how problematic some of his historical plays are especially Macbeth (the Scotts won’t even call it by its name) and Titus Andronicus (rape, rape, cannibalism…ooh rape! And incest)) or Dante Alighieri, for writing a self-insert with him and Vergil (who was also a fanfic writer; the Aenid, is a fanfic of the Trojan War and the Odyssey combined). Historical fiction and alternate character interpretations (especially problematic ones) has and will continue to exist.

Trying to singlehandedly censor everything just because you get offended by a few details is exhausting and meaningless. Armchair Feminism is meaningless. I learned this the hard way a few years ago.

My advice that I can currently give you on what you CAN do, is to make content (no. not spamming a crack tag with posts on how morally wrong they are) that you want to see. Write fanfics or draw fanart, do world building, offer alternatives to things you find problematic. If you can’t do this by yourselves, find someone who can.

For example, my friend, @kittynomore, and I run a Gravity Falls AU blog. For a week, an anon pestered us to draw a “Genderbent” version of our Mabel and Dipper. I would have just deleted that post and moved on but my brilliant friend decided to do something else. She gender bended them alright. Dipper was drawn as trans ftm, Mabel was drawn as gender fluid. It was amazing. She took back that term, and re-purposed it into something more positive.

Instigate change you want to see. Go to the heads of your school, start a club that supports culture, start a support group for LGBTQ people (Goddess knows that we need more of them, and I definitely would have benefitted from one badly) that is free from the stigma that religion gives them, protest and suggest better ways your disabled classmates can get around school (ramps, elevators).

And lastly, immerse yourself in your culture. If you aren’t aware of the social, political, and historical problems of your own country (like rights and representation for us LGBTQ people, rights to mental health treatment, rights to a medically safe abortion, etc), what right do you have of instilling and talking about western sensibilities and ideologies to people?

I’m not sure if you have bothered to read this far, but if you have, thank you for listening. I can recommend a few easy films (as a film buff and actual videographer) you can watch to help you on your way:

Historical Films

  • Jose Rizal (1998) by Marilou Diaz-Abaya (3 hours long but worth it because you can see the progression and character development of Pepe); 
  • Bayaning Third World (1999) by Mike De Leon (where it questions historical accuracy and more importantly, if it matters in the long run, Joel Torre is BRILLIANT); 
  • Dahling Nick (2015) by Sari Dalena (Life and times of National Writer Nick Joaquin (King of Salt) (I added that) It will be shown in Trinoma this Wednesday! And a number of places after that).

Social Films: 

  • On the Job by Erik Matti (talks about the cycle of corruption and how it affects everyone, especially people who are in jail, where even there, there are hierarchies); 
  • Ka Oryang (2011) Sari Dalena, (a feminist making a stand at the time of the Marcos Regime); 
  • Dekada 70 by Chito S. Rono (based on Lualhati Bautista’s book about the sufferings a middle class family experienced in the Marcos Regime); 
  • Magnifico (2003) by Maryo J. De los Reyes (about how a sweet boy enriched the lives of everyone around him with the little things he does); 
  • 3 Idiots (2009) by Rajkumar Hirani (not a Filipino film, but I think it is relevant because it talks about how you should not cave to rigid societal pressure and expectations in education, and excellence is achieved by people who strive for it, not because you are required to).

Good luck in your research, and I sincerely hope you have a good week!