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okay guys it’s looking like this whole mess is a bug in the latest update. here’s what we know.

in NA (maybe other regions but def not EU), ACNL has to be updated in order to play. in order to update ACNL, the 3DS must be updated to 11.3. (11.3 has patched soundhax/ homebrew for sure, but that’s not the big issue here.)

for some people, once the 3DS and ACNL are updated, their ACNL town can’t be loaded. it says to download the latest update from the eShop and load the game again. even though there is no update in the eShop.

some players in NA (and so far everyone in other regions) are NOT having this problem, both hacked and nonhacked towns. even with everything updated, they can still play their town normally.

this makes it pretty clear this issue is A BUG and NOT Nintendo blocking hacked towns from being played.

also, if Nintendo was banning hackers, they wouldn’t make it look like players needed to update their game but then not have an update available. that definitely sounds like a bug.

breathe, stay calm, be patient. Nintendo should patch this.

when I personally update everything, I’ll let you know what I experience.

anonymous asked:

Mischa I know you're getting bombarded but I'm really scared. I have a New 3ds XL with firmware 11.2 and I probably won't update until 11.3 otherapp is released. I have a hacked ACNL town (hacked in villagers and like two items?) that is at version 1.5 according to the little thingy at the start menu. (I'm also in the NA region) Question is, will my town be safe? I love my town and I'd be devastated to lose it. Thank you so much for being everyone's mom right now I love you much!!!! Thank you!!!

don’t be scared!!! the issue where some people can’t load their game appears to be a bug that nintendo should patch. I don’t think anyone will lose their town. :)

but if you aren’t being forced to update to play, I’d stay at 11.2 until the hacks are updated for 11.3 just to be safe!

ganbattedesu  asked:

Hey Mischa, I have hacked my old 3DS and my new 3DS (Both NA region), and heres what Ive come across. I have been forced to update to 11.3 to launch AC:NL (I didnt try any other cart games), and Homebrew no longer works (It will attempt a launch, but will then promptly boot out to home menu). I have however hacked CFW onto my system, and using software such as FBI, I can still DL and use tools like JKSM, and boot/play ACNL without issue. I hope this helps out; anyone can IM me for more info!

thank you for the detailed info!!!

it really REALLY looks like this is a bug only some people are experiencing.

yo, guess what i did:


it’s an “RP wanted” blog. you guys can post and stuff to try and find other rpers and i’ve got it set to be all organized and such by EU vs NA, the races, the regions of gw2, and there’s even a section for community events, rp help/advice, and i’ll add more stuff to it if you guys need it.

I have no idea if this is wanted or even necessary, but I’ve seen a lot of rpers finding it hard to get together, so maybe this will help?

I honestly have no idea.

If it gets large enough, I’d be cool with hosting rp events across tyria too.

it’s completely bare, as of yet.