na na na na na naaaaa

  • Graves: *relaxing in the pool, staying afloat with soft motions*
  • Graves: *glances around, looking for Credence*
  • Graves: *jumps and screams after feeling something pull on his leg* YAH! AH! WHA-!
  • Credence: *leaps out from under the water in front of Percival, bending over in a fit of laughing*
  • Graves: CREDENCE! *turns dark red, frowning only half-heartedly*
  • Credence: *wraps arms around Graves, still giggling* Sorry Mr. Graves...*snicker* I was just playing, but...eheh, you were cute...
  • Graves: *mutters* Knew I shouldn't have let you watch JAWS last night...
  • Credence: *softly bites Graves finger*
  • Graves: *pulls them both under the water playfully*
Tuck Things That Get Me Every Time

-“It’s water…….. and it’s in, the wood…!” 

-”Can you guess which wood?” “Mine?” “You’re good.”

-”Who knew that spring would change everything?”

-”Day na na day na na dayyyy naaaaa, dayyyyyyyyyyyy naaaaaaaa day na na”

-”So what do you say Winnie? Do you wanna live forever?”

-”Carnival man can’t be trusted!”

-When you watched the Today Show performance so many times before the album came out and you can’t wrap your head around the fact that the “With you, the fun is two for one” section in Partner in Crime doesn’t come right after the first chorus.

-Time. Just the whole song. The whole song gets me every time. 

-”Footprints! Size 9! A clue! …….Wait, those are mine….”

-Basically every word Hugo sings.

-”You can’t trust a man–” “From the carnival!”; “You can’t trust a man–” “with a bad handshake!” 

-The excitement in AKB’s voice when he sings “at the top at the top at the top of the world.”


-The harmonies (i.e. “Live like this, foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr”)

-Carolee Carmello’s voice

-”Girl to wife to mother to daughter, like all your kinfolk come and gone.”

-”There’s no such thing as a nice yellow!”

-”Hello Tree Gap, New Hampshire!”

So, I just re-listened to the Thrilling Adventure Hour Welcome to Night Vale Crossover, and i realized that, when Steve Carlsberg (Hal Lublin) sang the Captain Laserbeam theme, I heard the adventurekateers in the audience doing the ‘na na na na na na naaaaa’. for the song. And that just made me really proud to be a fan. 

If Laura sang "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became the girlfriend of a once-evil vampire

In the university of Silas, I was getting good grades
In my dorm room was where I studied most of my days
eatin’ cookies, flirtin’ with the TA at my school
hangin’ with some ginger nerds who are pretty cool  
When a girl in all black who was up to no good
Started making trouble in my school’s neighborhood
We got in one little fight, made up, and her mom got scared
So she wanted me dead, but the vampire saved me ‘cause she cared

Naaaa na na na na na naaaaa