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What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: When’s Na Jaemin going to do a comeback?????? Like ???? More than half of a year has passed already????? Like, what if is August and he still doesn’t make a comeback??? What if the SM doesn’t make him a birthday party like he did with rest of the members???? What if he feels so bad for not having a birthday party that he cries??? Na Jaemin can’t cry, he only deserves pure happines, the SM can’t make him cry????? Right???? RIGHT??????

You…you’re here… aren’t you…
Your Name - Kallura

Jumping on the bandwagon here. If you haven’t seen Kimi no Na wa… just… sigh it’s amazing. It’s heartwrenching and perfect and man. I kept getting kallura feels the entire time (sorry my kidge followers! i really am multishipping trash) also freaking Allura with short hair *screams*

I saw an edit for Your Name on google somewhere and drew inspiration from there. I’ll probably keep drawing Your Name au’s and stuff. (i also may have outlined an actual Your Name AU for Kallura/Pidgance……….. im sorry. not)

edit: someone mentioned I colored Allura too lightly and whitewashed her so I fixed that. hopefully.

NCT Dream Reaction To You Getting Them A Stuffed Animal

anon requested:  Ok how about NCT dream reaction to you getting them a cute stuffed animal?? Thank you!!


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Gets very blushy and thanks you profusely. Probably takes it everywhere when he’s touring


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Thinks you are a blessing on this earth and he loves you so much more for buying him the gift


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Is such a sweetheart and immediately hugs the stuffed toy and pulls you in for a giant hug


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When he sees the toy, he immediately stops what hes doing and grabs the toy, holding it tightly to his chest and thanks you over and overIs


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Is a bit taken aback at first but immediately goes and puts it on his bed, and secretly snuggles with it all night


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Is so excited that you bought him a stuffed animal, that he jumps up and down in joy and immediately hugs you and thanks you profusely


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He appreciates the gift, and takes it with him wherever he goes, even on tour, he always has it, just to remind himself of you and your amazingness


in reality, he