na na na na

jaemin: *exists*
me: 💖💗💞💞💓💖💕💕💖💓💓💞💗💞💓💖💕💝💕💖💓💓💞💗💘💓💖💕💕💖💖💓💞💗💞💓💓💖💕💕💘💞💞💞💖💖💕💕💓💞💞💓💓💘💞💞💓💖💕💕💖💓💞💗💞💓💓💘💞💗💞💖💖💕💖💓💞💗💞💓💘💖💕💕 💖💕💝💓💓💞💗💞💓💘💖💕💝💖💖💞💗💘💘💝💕💓💝💖💖💓💘💞💗💝💖💖💓💘💞💗💕💝💖💓💘💞💗💕💕💖💖💓💘💗💗💝💖💖💓💘💞💗💝💕💖💓💘💞💗💞💖💕💝💓💘💞💗💖💕💝💕💖💓💓💞💗💘💝💕💖💓💘💞💗💗💝💖💖💘💞💗💗💝💖💖💓💘💗💞💓💖💕💓💝

About the Dream comeback

I want only the 6 *current* members to have teasers and then halfway through the video the beat drops and Jaemin rolls in in a shopping cart and a king’s crown and cape.

And then the rest of the MV is Renjun and Jeno running away from him as Mark and Haechan push the cart and Jisung and Chenle running beside the cart and shooting water guns at Renjun and Jeno.

And then it ends with Jaemin walking to the camera and shouting *I’m ba~ck!“

then it does the TV static thing and cuts to them all seeing Jaemin for the first time since he left.

And it ends with them doing their greet thingy.