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☆彡 Babysitter Josuke Pt 1 ☆彡

°☆.。Read right to left per page.:*・°☆

A little something I’m working on  ★~(◠ω◕✿)

Part 2 ~★


Some good Josuke faces

myheartliesin221b  asked:

So I'm totally in love with your art and I think they're the most adorable doodles ever!! :D I was wondering if you could draw something for Emma (pale_silver_comb) for her birthday? It's on 30th December and I'm sure she'd love a sterek version of any fairy tale (sleeping beauty is the first thing that came into my head!). She's just done so much for me and is an amazing person and I want her to know how much I appreciate her <3


I wish you delish cake, no rain, and a bunch of hugs!


Joseph is best Jojo!!



I’ve been in a huge Jojo mood recently and I felt like drawing Joseph- I’m still only at the end of Part 3 but Joseph is my favorite so far- I already miss his young self lol //cries

I tried to make these pics with a BLOODY STREAM feeling since this opening is freaking colorful and all, but it didn’t end as expected…x’D oh well-

why can’t I stop drawing Jojo characters in ridiculous cartoon styles.