na crush tourney

Crushin' on Kellan
  Kellan Kyle is so wild, He’ll make you melt with just a smile. Kellan Kyle: sex on a stick, You’ll want a taste, you’ll want a lick. His caresses will take you to the moon, But that’s not all that will make you swoon. He’ll always make sure you have a good MORNIN’ He’s so addictive, he should come with a warning! You’ll fall for him over a cup of coffee, And if you’re good, he’ll serenade you softly. He’s Seattle’s resident rock god, A voice that sexy should be outlawed! Just look at him and try not to drool, That body will make you wet in other places, too… That screw-me hair, those bedroom eyes, Mmm, he’ll have you hypnotized! We’re sure you’ll agree, he’s so swoon-worthy. Now help him WIN the NA Crush Tourney!   *creds to Brittany and Bianca Blab Books* VOTE NOW!

Congratulations #TeamRush and #TeamKellan for winning NA Crush Tourney on your respective matches.

Good job ladies! 

It will be tough if these two will compete with each other on the upcoming matches. But I know we can’t avoid the inevitable, I just hope that I will have the courage to choose between these two coz I love them both so dearly. Or I’ll just vote for both of them! I Think that would be easier and less guilt on my side. 


Congratulations Team Kellan for winning the NA Crush Tourney 2013! Congratulations baby! 

Job well done ladies!