OOC bs

you know that feeling where you’re like: What do I do? Do I write? Do I WoW? Do I RP? Do I read? Do I watch tv? Do I sleep? Do I paint?

And then you’re like : I wanna paint!

and it starts all over again: What do I paint? Do I want to paint something around me? Do I want to try weird shit? Do I want to ask for requests? Do they realize how bad my stuff is? 

Yeah. It’s like that. Bleh. LOL

My heart will go on: AU||closed with corporal-cleanfreak

⊰ corporal-cleanfreak ⊱

{♞— It was the era of when the poor and rich were parted from each other. Not that it was enjoyed as much, but only given to him by being born in the wealthy class. Everything, so proper and formal. Claude was forced into an arranged marriage which he didn’t see fit for him. However, they hit some financial troubles and the woman he was engaged to could solve it all. This wasn’t the way he planned his life to be, more so his mother calling all the shots with his life.

One afternoon in April they were to board a ship to set sail to New York City. Claude stepped out of their vehicle and gazed up at the large ship, he was in awestruck by the beauty before he heard his mother giving the gentleman orders. Typical of her to do such a thing. His elbow bent slightly to allow her to hook to his arm while they boarded the ship while his fiancé was seeing her way aboard before him, she was always working even while they were trying to leave.

A sigh left him and found their way to the top deck towards their room. Opening the door he left his mother to wander about to see when they would set sail, all the people their to watch them depart. The sound of the ship crashing against waves as they moved slowly out he caught glimpse of two gentleman boarding the ship, he didn’t think anything of it so he walked back towards their room in silence; after all dinner would be approaching soon. Early preparations must be made.