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the ppl here that arent on ur server dont really care about updates on it so idkw ur posting them

oh my gOD

thank you so much for telling me!

I had no IDEA


what would i do without smart people like you to bless me with their important opinions?!!!!


thank you so much anon



hi everyone it’s vinda~ this blog is actually been made for about two years (or more) already but i’ve only been an active bangtan blog about a year ago & in those months i’ve been running this blog, i met so many people who are kind & wonderful & just generally make my time so much more worth it to spend. so, i’m here to tell you how even though i never talk to some of you, i will always cherish your present on my dash <3

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Jensen Ackles n_n
  • Person: So... who's your favorite movie actor?
  • Me: Jensen Ackles.
  • Person: Favorite TV actor?
  • Me: Jensen Ackles.
  • Person: How about favorite singer?
  • Me: Jensen Ackles.
  • Person: Do you have a favorite model?
  • Me: Jensen Ackles.
  • Person: ... Favorite color?
  • Me: Jensen Ackles.
  • Person: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Person: Somebody who's not Jensen Ackles!?
  • Me: Dean Winchester. n_n
  • Person: Who the hell is Dean Winchester??!!
  • Me: *smirk* Jensen Ackles.
  • Person: !!! ARGH... I'M DONE! BYE !!!