Be Excellent to Each Other

It’s amazing how one person has the power to bring many in the community together. I do hope I don’t tire people with my continuous dedications and outpour of love for Lily, but today is her birthday and I wanted to wish her a happy birthday. She was a person who reminded many to be kind to others because she, just like all of us, had flaws too, but she learned from those flaws and realized that being angry or throwing tantrums online simply isn’t worth it. Instead, she strengthened the community with smiles and positivity. As human beings, that is something we should all strive for. I remember us speaking one time about how old we were getting and we would shake our heads at the bickering that happened on Tumblr and in-game, reminding us that we were too old for that immature behaviour. She thanked me for helping her through the drama, and I thanked her as well.

On today’s anniversary of Tori’s birth, let’s remember her by spreading kindness and positivity, not only here on Tumblr or in World of Warcraft, but in real life as well. Let’s remember that there are real people behind the screen who have feelings just like you, who bleed just like you, and who hurt, just like you. Let’s remember that one day, we will all be gone, so how would you like to be remembered? Shall we remember the drama, or shall we remember the kindness and the wonderful stories and funny memes you posted?

I for one remember Lily/Tori as a friend and my rock when I was starting to lose hope. She was kind and funny. She was creative and witty. She had her flaws, but those are easily set aside for the positive things she said. Happy birthday, my dear. You are loved and missed.



Hello, Anon!

I’m sorry for what happened to you. I wish you the best of luck and I hope your day will be better. Thank you for liking my work, and it just makes me so happy to hear that my little blog is helping you through this.

This is for you! Hope you like it! n_n

hi everyone it’s vinda~ this blog is actually been made for about two years (or more) already but i’ve only been an active bangtan blog about a year ago & in those months i’ve been running this blog, i met so many people who are kind & wonderful & just generally make my time so much more worth it to spend. so, i’m here to tell you how even though i never talk to some of you, i will always cherish your present on my dash <3

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Jensen Ackles n_n
  • Person: So... who's your favorite movie actor?
  • Me: Jensen Ackles.
  • Person: Favorite TV actor?
  • Me: Jensen Ackles.
  • Person: How about favorite singer?
  • Me: Jensen Ackles.
  • Person: Do you have a favorite model?
  • Me: Jensen Ackles.
  • Person: ... Favorite color?
  • Me: Jensen Ackles.
  • Person: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Person: Somebody who's not Jensen Ackles!?
  • Me: Dean Winchester. n_n
  • Person: Who the hell is Dean Winchester??!!
  • Me: *smirk* Jensen Ackles.
  • Person: !!! ARGH... I'M DONE! BYE !!!