if suju had tumblr
  • leeteuk:posts pictures of his new muscles everyday, has long, depressing text posts about getting anon haters
  • heechul:constantly posts about getting new followers, heebum, reblogs of sohee pictures, tracks the heechul tag
  • yesung:turtles, selcas, promoting y style, anonymously sending the members creepy messages like "i will touch your philtrum when you sleep"
  • kangin:applies a layout from the theme garden and never comes back
  • shindong:selcas of him with nari, high definition videos of his own version of suju mvs, coded messages to confuse other members
  • sungmin:japan scenery, food porn, food porn gifs, posts questions like "pinot noir or cabernet sauvignon?"
  • eunhyuk:typical otaku blog, autoplay music from one piece ost, porn, boobs, man boobs
  • donghae:reblog spree of #puppies #kittens #baby #crying baby #cute #adorable #tony stark #iron man #batman #eunhae #eunhae manips
  • siwon:"reblog if you believe in god" reblog
  • ryeowook:short text posts about getting tired of cooking for the members but posts photosets of what he cooked for them the next day
  • kibum:last post: 2008
  • kyuhyun:follows all the members but adds their usernames to tumblr savior