• me:so, how does it feel being 10 now?
  • baby sister:it's good, but i'm worried about the extra responsibility

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"im talking about steven universe" how does it feel to be on the other and of the 'thats not homestuck i swear' stick now . . .. how does it feel . . .

i’ll never really be on the other end of that stick……… it is totally reasonable for people to always assume im talking about homestuck……..

“I was born and raised in Kolkata to a family of Arab-Iraqi ancestry. We spoke Arabic and Hindi at home. I’m one of the last members of the Baghdadi community…. Our community was once thriving but now we are twenty-two.”

“How does that feel?”

“All my classmates from Yeshiva are gone–scattered around the world. When I think about the decline of Jewish life and observance, I become sad. A synagogue should be a living building-not a monument to the past.”

J.R. Rothstein for Humans of Judaism

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Is Hannibal ever truly happy? How does will feel about Hannibal now?

I don’t think he’ll ever be satisfied, god is never satisfied, satan is never satisfied, hell is never full. 

Satisfaction is the ultimate happiness, I think he has little points of happiness, these are varied, cooking, opera, interesting psychiatry, but never overall, his demands on the world he’s in are far too great for it to fulfill.

From that Secondo clip, Hannibal doesn’t know if he is the betrayer or the betrayed, he forgave Will and Will returned the favour but I honestly don’t know where that leaves them. Hannibal will still be planning to eat Will and we know he’ll get very close to Krendler-ing him. (Which is going to be horrific to watch, I’m not looking forward to that AT ALL)

I think maybe, Hannibal seems as though he’s disappointed he has to eat Will, he’s wearing black in the episode tonight, he (from what I can see) is wearing black when he attempts to eat him, he’s in mourning maybe? Prepared to do what is necessary for him.

I would love for it to be all happy clappy and fixed but this is only going to get SO MUCH WORSE i’m so sorry I couldn’t be more optimistic! XD

I hope that helps!

All this about Neymar is not going to play the rest of Copa America, really breaks my heart. Like how does he even feel now? I bet he’s sad, angry, and really annoyed by the decision. I hate imagining sad! I want him to be happy, to play on the pitch, to get respected, to do what he loves. In the World Cup it was Colombia, now it’s Colombia again, I swear next time Brazil faces Colombia and they ruin something for Neymar, I don’t even know how I will react! I hate this decision and it’s not even fair, if we think about Vidal hasn’t got any punishment for what he did! I swear all this is crap!


I was tagged by victorialuhgrand on albums I’m currently listening to in the past week (and its all over the place!)

in no particular order:

1. Tweens - Tweens

2. Miami Horror - All Possible Futures

3. Big Data - 2.0

4. Muse - Drones

5. White Reaper - White Reaper Does It Again (they haven’t released the full album yet but the singles they have out are AMAZING!)

6. Joywave - How Do You Feel Now?

7. Solids - Blame Confusion

8. The Vaccines - English Graffiti

i tag: garbage-thrashfostertheindie