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Hehe so how about lance gets a bad space virus and has to get a shot but he's deadly afraid of needles and so not only is he badly sick but FLIPPING OUT cuz he's scared and the team has to comfort him- cue LAFLUFF!! <3



(tho….I like the concept, like imagine:

Lance sitting on one of the med bay beds (i dunno they rise fromt he floor, its a ten thoussaand years old castle, are you telling me it doesn’t have beds in the med bay?) and he’s like pointly looking away from where Coran stand by his right side, clearly ignoring the needle that is less than a breath away from his skin.

But His team is there, and so is Allura. Lance cracks a small smile as Shiro pats him and hug him by the side and then he laughs wetly when Hunk and Keith start re-acting one of their lastest missions with overly dramatic acting, only for Pidge then to come crashing and tackling them on the floor, yelling how she’s the new empress of the empire and she will conquer the universe with only rovers.

And Lance totally forgets about the needle, because his team is right here with him, and he can feel Allura’s hand stroking his hair in a sisterly manner and it vaguely reminds him of how his mom used to do the same thing back when he was getting a shot at the age of five.

Lance doesn’t even notices when it’s done before Coran is beaming at him proudly in front of him and letting him choose between two bandages. One of them has an animated altean flower (Allura’s faves) and the other one has the the Voltron symbol.

He chooses both. 

He puts one over where he got the shot and the other one over his nose. “I’m Shiro, guys.” “Rude.”)

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