America: British accents sound fake. They all sound fake. here is no reason for you to speak English like that.

England: Are you done?

America: I sound normal! I have like, a lack of an accent!

England: First, the south. Second, I’ve already apologized for the lack of hot chocolate, you child. 

America: *Angry mumbling.* 


Can I just rant about something?
Ok listen up:

Actually, Jamie Hewlett said himself in an interview with the Gorillaz official website he doesn’t mind about shipping. (Look it up yourself)
Honesty who gives two fucks? They are FUCKING CARTOONS. WHO CARES.
Do you really think Jamie and Damon have the time of day to care about what people are doing in their fanbase?
If seeing “gross” stuff turns you away from the fandom you are WEAK AS FUCK and probably shouldn’t even be on the internet.
I don’t usually pay attention to stupid vids like this, (I only watched like 30 seconds because your voice is so fucking annoying.)
But you aren’t the ruler of the fandom so if you see shipping, fetish art, ocs or whatever the fuck just get over yourself, stop whining and recognise that people have different opinions and views than you.
Every fandom has “shitty” people and they aren’t going to go away just because some self obsessed asshole wants to complain about them.
Honestly, grow up and let people enjoy things.
They aren’t breaking the law.
Ps: your video is probably more cringe than the content you are “critiquing.”

I’m glad that gruvia is canon. It was my first fairy tail otp. However, I am so disappointed with how they became canon, I have to do something about it just to rid myself of some salt.
So, I’m gonna fix it via one shot. Keep an eye out sometime next week for it because it’s coming.

hello my name is tony stark and today i’ll be using my anxiety to design a suit made to withstand every possible worst-case-scenario i can come up with