Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin’ down the bunny trail
Hippity Hoppity E̺͍̦̞a̟͍̖s͍͍͙̻͕͢t̝̺er̭̣̙’̮s̬ ͉̙̀o̟̟̭n͚̫̘͔̱ͅ ̷̗̻̹̠͓̠i̧t̗͉̲̹͚̩ͅ’̻̗s̙͎̮̦̩͘ ̘̫͙̪͕̘w̯̭̮̰̠͖͢a͚̰̩̰̣y̛̹͎͎͈.̠̻̞̝̗̘͚.̱̪̟


Heeeeyyyyy, mm… I’m Hamish~ I’m a 15 years old transgender boy and… uh… I didn’t come out to my family yet (still trying to get the courage to do it), but I’ve came out to my friends and my boyfriend, and, well, I’ve cut my hair. It already makes me feel a lot better~ ah… my mom always want me to be her little girl and she is always forcing me to use “girly clothes”. She always says “act like a girl!” or “if you keep cutting your hair like this no one will never like you.” And this makes me sad because I just wanna be who I really am. My father is more “if it makes you feel happy then go on”. I want to tell them to properly open myself up but I fear my mother. I fear what she can do. What people from my school can. I’ve already moved and here I trried to open up a little on my school. My I guess the principal won’t like if he knows about this. I fear that he will tell my mother. I dont really know what to do and… I just want her to stop forcing me to be something I am not. Mostly, I opened myself up to my friends because, well after 10 years of bullying what can get worse, right? I feel better just by them knowing that and saying that its okay for them. That they won’t hate me because of it. Some of them actually calls me “Cas” or something like that because of this RP blog and every time I hear them saying “he”, “him”, or calling me by “Cas”, I can not stop the smile from coming to my mouth. I just hope that one day I can be fully open to my parents and family.

dickaisoo asked:

If you could spend one day with an EXO member, who would you choose and what would you like to do with him? Reply with a summary of that day (doesn’t have to be too long) and send this to your 10 favorite blogs. ♥

Kat I’m one of your favorite blogs /scREAMS <3

I’d spend that day with Yixing ;u; I’d love to cook for him and we could chat and I’d love to hear about all his struggles and his times as a trainee and I want to know what’s his favorite book and what are his dreams anD UGH just listen to him talking ;__; then I’d pack some cookies and I’d go to a park with him and we’d have a small picnic… and I just… I would like him to play guitar and relax and I’d just… look at him… anD DIE

I don’t know I just want him to have a relaxing day, maybe I’d give him a massage or soemthing like that, I’d want to be nice company to him, I feel like he deserves a little break so… yeah… thAT WOULD BE MY DAY with him sosb