because i am a lawless mongrel then mirrorverse chara and frisk still do exist in the prime universe bc they were never the same people,

 and HERE’s an au where they were on some kind of field trip and got buddied together and get into trouble and fall into the underground bc technically it’s more likely that a small group of kids would go up rather than just 1 at a time, bc children get into more trouble in groups and bc what would be a better adventure than haunted mt. ebott right?? 


This is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen.

quick thalianca doodle to warm up u3u


Ok guys, keep saying McLennon ain’t real, but yo did you see the part where they’re touching their hands, like c'mon guys, I just can’t

imagine laying in bed late at night curled into Luke’s side while he’s shirtless and your cheek is pressed against his chest listening to his heart beat your eyes slowly fluttering closed as he runs his finger up and down your arm gently while he’s humming soothingly and suddenly he pulls you closer than you already were causing you to open your eyes and see your boyfriends eyes shut with a smile plastered on his face which only grew as you kissed his chin and he just glances down at you and mumbles a small “god I can’t believe I got so lucky” kissing your forehead gently before closing his eyes again with his heart literally beating faster at the small sight of you looking so adorable laying practically on top of him