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BTS reaction to finding out you're a freak in the sheets (this isnt the first tome sexing but up until now their s/o just hasn't shown thay sode of her)

Hope you like it anon. Credit to gif owners.

Update: I had to change the gifs for Namjoon and Jungkook because they weren’t working.

Requests are open!

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hi guys!! so this year is coming to an end and i reached a follower goal so i decided to make my 1st follow forever! i really couldn’t be more grateful to all of you, you all made my 2016 a little less harder and made me have such a good time here!! during this time i’ve met some of the most amazing people and even if i’ve never talked to some of you before, i care about you and i wish you the best💞 thank you so so much for following this jimin trash blog and liking it even if it’s just me screaming all the time :’) i really appreciate every single one of you and i hope your 2017 will be full of love, health and good things, you deserve the best!!💕 happy holidays and i hope we get the chance to know each other more💞💖

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pjimns' sixth follow forever

hi! so I’m here with a new follow forever bc I can’t believe I reached 5k in like less than a year of restarting this blog ;;;; thank you lots for following me and I hope we stay together for a long time! ❤️💝💗💖💞💜💘💕💓 I promise you good quality content from now on (jk I can’t but ily)

bolded: mutuals

✧: favs

♡: my faves forever & ever idk what I’d do without u

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🙏  deuces, 2016~

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Hey guys! Recently I have hit a huge follower goal so I’ve decided to make my first follow forever! I’ve accomplished so much on this blog and have met a lot of amazing people and made a bunch of friends that I will probably remember forever. It’s been less than a year and so much has happened for me after creating this blog. I want to thank all of my mutuals, everyone who follows me, and my friends who share an obsession for these 7 boys with me. Again, thank you so much! Ily all :)
Mutuals: Bolded Favorites: ♡ Squad: ♥

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I KNOW IT’S SATURDAY and I was supposed to post this yesterday and that was the whole plan but something came up and as much as I tried I wasn’t able to post it on time and I’m sorry so just for a bit pretend it’s still friday okay? Yes? Thank you. 

I did a huge follow spree since my dash was kinda dead, so here are all the blogs that I recently followed (plus some others I just love too much). They’re a bunch of really awesome blogs so everyone should go follow!

Thank you to each and every one of you for being amaziiiing!  

*|*|*| Tumblr Crushes |*|*|*

jinwoon  |  itsbap  |  ziah-co  |  zinger-fire  |  ohehmgeee

bangdirectorbang  |  byonggvk  |  yonggukwhy  |  jooneong

*|*|*| Follow Friday |*|*|*

5ba  |  ai-xing  |  annajwo  |  aznity  |  babytaeil  |  baperize

blackenedseoul  |  blameseoul  |  blockbeats  |  blossomboy  |  blxnktae

burnjuck  |  bxngstergram  |  capsoo  |  daebaem  |  daejjung  |  dae-vilish

damoodymoon  |  dognhyuk  |  dongfuckingwoon  |  dontstayinmyheart

dont-tell-a-seoul  |  emyvip  |  eunhyukspenis  |  fading-seoul  |  faecking

fappingseoul  |  feedingonblck  |  giyongichy  |  gong-soo  |  g-swagon

gufolove  |  h0pelessw0rld  |  hyuk-shii  |  imsodonewithkpop  |  indead

jayparked  |  j-hopeology  |  ji-kai  |  jimeahn  |  ji-smiles  |  jj7nseok

joonhonq  |  jungshin  |  k-adore  |  keyutaes  |  kim-namjxxn  

koreansmut  |  kyungsooaddiction  |  lavender-kills  |   lukaio  |  lusefer

moonbyul  |  mydreadfulfeels  |  n-amjoon  |  oppachoi  |  oppa-joh-ahaeyo

oppa-scum  |  pyostoffice  |  sakura-yu  |  seouljesus

slaveofbusanaccent  |  sugoipanda  |  sungque  |   tablowjob

taehyeonq  |  t-aozin  |  theasiand  |  t-ou  |  touchmycrayon  |  tuantober

uh-oh-exo  |  unfadablecray-on  |  vxxkmxv  |  yengguk

yonggnk  |  zelo-is-perf

Hey, guys. This is my first ever follow forever. ;; i have never thought that i’d be making one of these tbh. But yeah, I recently reached a certain number of followers and i’m just like  "aldsfjalsdkjf???“ seriously.  Plus, I’ve met new people through tumblr. I’ve been here on tumblr for 4 years ( since october 2010 ) but, it’s only this year where i actually started talking to people and continued making edits/gifs/graphics lmfao. I’ve been a quiet blogger ever since..and i still am (kind of lol).  So, i’m taking this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you. ^^ I’ve been quite inactive the past few days because i was busy making a video for you guys. Here’s the video: {x} please do read the description first before watching. <3 I apologize since, the video is out of sync. I’ve been trying to figure it out on how to sync the video with the audio but i just can’t. So, i’m just going to show it to you guys first before publicly posting it. ^^ I hope you guys enjoyed it even if the video’s out of sync. T_T Oh, it’s a chanyeol edit btw lmao. i might open up a request for videos or smthing but idk ^^; 

anyways, thank you  everyone.. for making my dash beautiful. The edits/graphics/pictures.gifs that i see on my dash everyday can literally make my frown into a smile. <3 plus, the tags can also make my day, too. I read tags okay. I enjoy reading them. HAHA. ok ok, i’m going to end my message here. /showers you all with love/ <3

( i’m actually thinking of changing my url. ;; what do u guys think? </3 )

 ♥ : friends
BOLD : mutuals  
italics: senpais/blogs/people who i really admire ; - ; <3 

94ist ; 90lh ; 1081p ; chenstellation ; krismegoodnight ; sehuniversity ; incrediyeol ; aishbaek ; dimpyeol ; ohfreakingsehuns ; essentyeol ; maochii ; chnbeau ; chrnyeol ; sehuk ; arbitrxry ; paradyoxal ; kvungsoos ; kool-lay ; wufanqin ; screwufan ; xieunie ; exoherent ; baekingkai jaelii-sarang ; babysen ; suhotness ; kyungsoonata ; zitaoh ; kaiseou ; byun-bk ; laemin ; dyokoro ; flawlesszitao ; jpglay ; luhanova ; jongdoses ; dearpcy ; xeuna ; wubulge ; mynqsoo ; porkbaekcon ♥ ; chanyoell; jimineh ; keyblers ; cxlty chanyeolismysexualfantasy ; wuyifanxing ; imperyeol ; kaiumi ; leuhans ; xingmealullaby ; tea-lairs ; shineesque ; chanyeolife ;  yeola ; amigonew ; dumbaek ; kyung-soo ; blackdyo ; kaimint ; prettaer ; jinkinetic ; prankchanyeol ; idol-obsessions ;  k-suho ; ohxing ; sedouche ; krystals ; dimplay ; dohdoro ; yeollovemebaek ; jonqyeols ; porkdo-bi ; pohroro ; xingxun ; jiyeolie ; exo-ho ; jongdaemort ; parkbingsoo ; zhonqrens ; luludeery ; laycii-h ; baekthosebyuns ; baekhyunify ; dothekaisoo ; sodobi ; baekaid-o ; oppakai ; chanyeolicious ; xehunter ; arihanagrande ; happyvirus  ; seokzi ; peasehunts ; byuns-baekery ; segasm ; sehunking ; kissul ; sehnsuous ♥  ; suhoah ; baekhyun-ah ; chan-lay ; kreys ; fantastaeng ; n-amjoon ; vanillatinks ; yixingology 

i follow a total of 400+ blogs i might follow new blogs again soon.and i think i missed out so many of u ;A; 
once again, thank you ALL so much. <3 xoxo 

edt: i def. missed out some of u guys omfg; 

hello everyone, it’s skye! recently i reached 8k+ followers which is crazy, so i thought it was deserving of a follow forever post! and ho-ho-holy shit it’s december… so that calls for a somewhat festive header. long winded thank-you’s (i really did try to keep this short) and the actual follow forever under the cut lmao.

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Hello beautiful people!

This year is finally coming to an end! So I really wanted to make the 2014’s last follow forever. I literally went through every single one of the blogs I follow (I needed to clean it a bit, way too many unactive blogs) looking for those blogs that I would never unfollow. Most of these blogs are a lot like mine, so if anyone is looking for awesome mostly bw kpop blogs to follow then here you have! 

I wanted to thank all my followers and all the amazing people in this FF for this year, because even though it hasn’t really been a good year (overall, not just kpop related) many people have been always showing support, creating awareness and spreading as much positivity as possible.

Please continue to spread lots of love, especially in this time where many people might need someone to keep them holding on. Spread good vibes and appreciate everyone around you. I wish everyone has a good and blessed new year and I hope all of you have really lovely holidays. let’s hope next year sucks less than 2014! 

I love you all (*^3^)/~♡

1004hrs  |  2bangyongguk  |  addicted-to-koreans

ahyeongs  |  ai-xing  |  annyeong-bishes  

asian-best-face  |  b1yg  |  baekstabs  |  banghimbap

bangjae  |  bangyonggukkie  |  bang-yong-guks-wife

banqx2  |  beenzin-o  |  bignose-oppa  |  blameseoul

blockbtime  |  bloodyblockbap  |  blxnktae

byonggvk  | capsoo  |  daddyminhyuk  |  daebaem

daesbulge  |  dongwooslips  |  dongwut

dontstayinmyheart  |  emyvip  |  engrich  |  ewsuga

fading-seoul  |  fappingseoul  |  flowerboy-yoongi

fucknamjoon  |  geo-jismal  |  giyongichy  |  gong-soo

gukssi  |  h0pelessw0rld  |  h1stry  |  hanbinter

haninnoona  |  headbangyongguk  |  heugbaegui

himtae  |  hobilu  |  hoseob  |  hoseokey  |  ijnyoung

imsodonewithkpop  |  indead  |  inseoulls  |  jaehope

jaeingmyhyo  |  jayparked  |  jeppbangme

jeppblackwoman  |  jh0pe  |  jimeahn  |  jimin-sshi

jinsexual  |  jiyongkun  |  jiyonqs  |  jjunhong

jngdazed  |  jonghoseok  |  jungshin  |  k-adore

kaiminki  |  kimseokjin  |  kkeojo  |  koreanshits

koreansmut  |  kri5tar  |  kunhoe  |  lattaek

lavender-kills  |  laylord  |  lusefer  |  may-hyung

michiizzy  |  minyoongz  |  mksoo  |  monochromekorea

monsterjepp  |  mvrk  |  mydreadfulfeels  |  n-amjoon

ohhoseoks  |  oppa-scum  |  parkingthechanyar

perfectbias  |  primarychoi  |  rap-moanster  |  rapnamja

revelie  |  saegmaeng  |  seattletwoseoul  |  sebootyful

sehunoodles  |  seoul-edd  |  seoulheart  |  seouljesus

seoul-oscuro  |  sheloveskorea  |  sugoipanda

sukiyama  |  sullymato  |  sungque  |  taehyyungs

taekock  |  t-aozin  |  theasiand  |  theoulbaby

twoneofakind  |  u-know-time  |  unfadablecray-on  

vsuck  |  we-gonna-make-quiche  |  woojihomo

yengguk  |  yngguks  |  yongbake  |  yongguksanal

yonggukwhy  |  yoonngi  |  yuguhan  |  yunxhwe

ziconium  |  ziah-co  |  ziiiaco  |  zinger-fire  |  zin-oh

zun-zun-zun  |  zxxxlo

I’ jj7nseok’s first follow forever *❤*~ so i’ve finally reached my x,xxx-th follower :-) honestly, i still get surprised everytime i gain new followers. i really enjoy being on here, and i want to thank the following people for making my tumblr experiences worthwhile :) special love to my hella amzing mutuals xoxo<3

Bolded = Mutuals

♡ first, shout out to ma favorite,beautiful friends xoxo : exoticshawoletc allahhoyo just-a-daikon ♡ ♡ ♡

♡ #-H:

0kasian  1004hrs  1m69  2426-girl  2pmnuest  94yuan  acetane aegyio a-gleam-in-eye  ateko  b0ji  b4ngzelo  baebfree  barosbutt  bangblockbaptan bangtanette bbomb bbvipno1 beenzi0n black–beat blankymvnn blush-rabbits-wonderland bnyguk  brilliantlensbyebve callmegrays cheoljay chillat city-life-babay   commedesfuckyou  cross-and-change crucial-star  custardebun  daebaem delicet dementho devthnote dok2gonzo dick-soo dildoyeol donghaessii eli-likes-it-nasty epik-dreams everydayhephap d-o-xiu-loveme  fallnightintokyo fap-monster fappingseoul fingering-sims flawlesseoul flowerboyzico frappuczino friedt0fuu ft-giri giriboi  gangnamclique gn-a  gukjeong  h0llla han-pri han-sanghyuk hantou hephapimp hisagi-kiiro  hoseob hoseokey huckleberryb hye0ni kraphiphop
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luckyjimin  maireobeu  mushi-mushi-kawaii muthafuc-kamushokunosekai n-amjoon nihonboys nojimin nojinseok nolashinao nonkorean nu-19

♡ O-Z
officialbeenzino ohnobeenzino olebiri olltiboy oppasbitsh osixtwo ox2moron parkjaebums pensauce q1c  rapmonstrous rap-moanster royalborrison scaryoppa sehunsobs seoula seoulhustler seoul-intuition seoullessness seoulsaeng seoul-sentimental  seungyooniversity shthun  sideulsimons-d  skinnygray skinnyredd slaveofbusanaccent slody snoopysweggy songofmyseoul soohyuk-lee soo-hyuks sortakindabeautifulyou swagaccent sweet-kokoro tablowme  taebabv taehyeonq thehxxligan the-seoulsociety toffufu tokyogayness triptychyper lameng underground–boy vlientae vtoxicated wealthyhousewife white-sakura woojihomo xxshiningheartxx xxwon xxzy ye0p  yofukashiwoshita yoonngi youaremyoppar yourhomeboy yukileoo yukiseung zicoshi ziminz z1c z1q             ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ❤ ❤ ❤ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡  ♡