Oh god I’m watching Xena season 6 episode 19 Many Happy Returns. So Xena saves this girl from being sacrificed and she said “let me lay my hand on your bosom” and Xena pushed her off and said “sorry these are spoken for”
Then later she and Gabriel are swimming naked and Gabriel went underwater and did something to Xena and she yelped and said “I can’t believe you did that.”
Not saying gay. I’m saying Bi.

Is Xena the only true female superhero?

We’ve had some super girls before who were created in comic books and later transferred to tv or the movies. Most notably Wonder Woman, Isis, Bat Girl, Supergirl, and later joined by more mortal female super fighters like Charlie’s Angels. But they all looked dainty, thin, and ran ‘like girls’. Not the way normal girls run but the way tv girls run. And despite their superpowers they still needed a man to save them when the going got rough. We all know those scenes when they were alone, in a dark alley or corridor and a man is sneaking up behind them and they are all helpless but then middle aged heavy set Bosley comes to save them. :/

Then came the 1990s, the decade that gave us Xena. The woman who not only could take care of herself, but if found alone in a dark alley - it was the other person who had to fear for their lives. She could take on armies all on her own, a screaming banshee of destruction to those who angered her. She knew how to fight. How to run. How to use a sword. She wasn’t afraid of getting grime underneath her nails or dirt in her hair. She looked like she ate three times a day. The sigh of relief that came when the hero arrived to save the hapless super heroine was no longer. It was now Xena who was THE protectress.

Post Xena era brought us other women fighters such as Ziva David from NCIS, Dr. Brennan from Bones, but despite them being ultra capable, in a sad reversion, they too deferred to men: Ziva to Gibbs, Brennan to Booth. Did we take a couple of steps back?

Lately we got two relatively new girls on the block, Black Widow and Agent Carter of the Marvel movies who seem to be able to take care of themselves. It remains to be seen how they will be presented in a starring role, Black Widow in hopefully a future movie centered around her, and Carter in her new tv series. So perhaps there’s hope yet.

One thing’s for sure, much like ‘Superman’ is the word used to describes a super strong brave hero, it is ‘Xena’ that we name when describing any post Warrior Princess woman fighter. She not only destroyed her foes, but also  demolished the psychological barriers viewers had that prevented them from taking women heroes seriously. She is the one and truly greatest Female Hero.

She also kissed a girl and we liked it. :)


The fans totally want it. It’s all about who own the rights. It’s about having a good take on it. And I hope that the people I want to do it go for it because I will trust them and I will help them promote it whether I’m in it or not. It would be cool if they could do both [a reboot and a revival]. You kind of need to hand over the reigns to a younger Xena, but it would be cool to also do a reboot much like Ash - Xena and Gabrielle and where they’ve come to.

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