Pray for this queen, she attempted suicide yesterday and social media was blowing a “cheating scandal” out of proportion right in the middle of it. I honestly didn’t buy it because even though I don’t know her personally I just feel like she’s not that type of person she’s so genuine and loving it hurts to see someone like her break and try to hurt herself, the fact that social media just focused on her “cheating” pissed me off. I never get into the drama of social media it’s just a bunch of bull shit even when it’s one of my faves I don’t contribute to it because whatever it may be it’ll blow over and no one will care then. I love you Kehlani💕👑 please stay with us


So, I was reading a few Fem!Tsuna fics where Iemitsu had no idea Tsuna was a girl, right? But… what if he did? But he told no one.

 Why? Well… he’s not stupid. I don’t know why Iemitsu joined the mafia, but lets say he didn’t have a choice, that because of his bloodline, and the fact he was a Sky, he was forced into it. Iemitsu tells no one but he used to want to be an artist, and he still draws, sketch books filled with drawings litter his rooms.

 He never wanted to join the mafia, but he’s a descendant of Primo, he’s got no choice, he has to be part of the mafia because he activated his flames.

 And we all say Nono likes him, but he likes the fact Iemitsu is loyal to him as boss. ‘Look, even Primo’s descendant thinks I’m a good boss’. ‘Primo’s line bows to my whim.’ And then Iemitsu meets Nana, and things change.

 Nono gets harsh, keeps Iemitsu away from Nana, forced Iemitsu to keep the mafia a secret, shoves willing woman (loyal to Nono) at Iemitsu, but he picks Nana everytime and they marry. Nono secretly arranges it so Nana gets into an accident, decreasing her fertility, and he lets things go… and then she gets pregnant. (She’s a Sun and healed herself, because her Sky wants a child, and she wants one to.) Nono attempts to arrange something, but it’s blocked by Iemitsu. And then Nono wonders if it might be a girl child, and thinks of how perfect that would be.

 Iemitsu realizes it when Nono keeps asking about his child’s gender. He realizes it when Nono mutters about marriage contracts and Iemitsu’s heart leaps. He lies, even though he knew his child would be a little girl, told Nono it was a boy, and Nono is furious, angry and bitter and Nana nearly gets into an accident, and Iemitsu realizes whats going on.

 Lal Mirch learns to when she hears Iemitsu (who had a bad habit of muttering under his breath) talking about it. She makes moves (because Iemitsu is her Sky, though she’s never told him because she doesn’t want him to turn the Sky Rage onto the Curse that is hurting his Rain) to protect the child. She makes sure spies are confused about the gender, that the one who broke in to look at the report of the ultrasound is dead before he can say a thing. She is a Guardian, and will protect her Sky’s family.

 When little Tsunami is born, Iemitsu manages to find a loophole in his oath he gave Nono to not tell Nana. It says nothing about a Guardian not saying anything. He frets, and Lal Mirch sighs and admits and Iemitsu Rages in fury as Lal tells Nana everything.

 It takes hours to convince her not to take her frying pan and murder Nono.

 But Nana knows and she frets. Tsunami is raised a girl but cautioned about her gender. Nana puts rumors around town (because Housewives are smart about it, and in another life she would be Iemitsu’s Spymaster for the Vongola.) about them being in hiding, about the fact her child would have to fake her gender to be safe.

 It’s close enough to the truth that everyone in town bands together. Tsunami is Tsunayoshi are on the

 Nono comes and he is the one to decide to Seal away Tsunami’s Flames and Iemitsu can only smile and agree because otherwise he would die, his wife would die and little Tsunami would die or be discovered, turned into a broodmare.

 But before Iemitsu leaves, he steals away to kiss Tsunami’s head and place a slow acting break to the Seal, because he will not let her be hurt.

 (He knows that almost every Sealed Child dies before sixteen. Nono knows to, and it’s obvious why he does it. It’s a scream to those who know- Nono wants Primo’s line to die. Iemitsu won’t let it.)

 Iemitsu manages to send coded messages to Nana, who whispers the truth to Tsunami, who hates Nono with a firey passion, but loves her father more then the Sun and Moon, who knows why he does what he does. She fakes her clumsiness, her skittishness, takes on the title of Dame, hides herself.

 Lal Mirch takes a vacation and seems to visit Mafia Land every year- in reality she brings gifts to Tsunami and Nana, letters hidden and smuggled. Iemitsu yearns for his wife, for his child but is trapped.

 Enrico dies one day- and Iemitsu uncovers he was in fact selling Vongola secrets, that he was planning on making it into a drug running, human trafficking slum of an organization. Iemitsu traces the hit to the one son that he never knows what to think of- Xanxus.

 (Iemitsu does his own digging. Xanxus is the descendent of a bastard of Fabio. Xanxus is Nono’s cousin’s son. And he’s been rendered infertile by an accident.

 It makes Iemitsu want to puke.)

 Iemitsu disscovers Massimo doing something similar. He slides the info to Xanxus.

 When Xanxus is frozen, and Enrico turns out to have been faking all that evidence, Iemitsu kills him himself, makes sure to leave no trace. Nono rages in anger, horror and fury.

 And then it occurs to him that a civilian boy would be the perfect puppet. He smirks and sends Reborn to break Tsunayoshi’s spirit.

 Reborn though is pulled away by Lal, who gives him all the info she can. Reborn is horrified. Reborn is furious and he goes to tutor Tsunami with a clear plan.

 Make sure Nono loses.


Computer simulation of the formation of tsunami waves propagating away from a point where the ocean floor is uplifted.