Sarah Barthel & Josh Carter here…we play in a band called Phantogram.

Our new album “Three” just came out. If some of the songs seem very dark…it’s because they are. They’re highly-personal portraits from our past; snapshots of tragedy, loss, and all the emotions that follow. For those of you who don’t know, we did actually suffer a great loss this past year, when we lost our sister Becky (Sarah’s sister) to suicide.

It crushed us.

We went through a wide range of emotions…loneliness, depression, desperation. And it was hard to find focus. The biggest support we had was each other, and of course, our close friends and family. We talked, we hurt, and we’re still talking. Still keeping on. But it wasn’t easy getting to this point.

We thought about how tragic life can be at times, how the world can bring you down…and we ended up learning that you have to try to find the beauty in it. It’s okay to not feel okay, and it’s okay to ask for help. We even thought about you guys (our fans & friends), and what you’d think about when listening to this album. And if you or someone you know is experiencing any issues with mental health - please don’t be afraid to get help.

Communication was our way of dealing with it…and we think it can help you too. Find love & support in each other, and don’t stop talking. Don’t stop sharing your stories or your advice.


Check out Tumblr’s @postitforward campaign to help continue to counter the stigmas around mental and emotional health.

  • Delgado Master: *wearing a realistic face mask* A pleasure to meet you my good sir, I am Mr Treissam.
  • Three: Hah haah, what sort of fool do you take me for, 'Treissam' is an anagram of 'meistars' which is Latvian for 'Master', next time give me some sort of challenge.
  • Ainley Master: *wearing a fake moustache over his real moustache* Hi, I'm known as the Masert.
  • Five: A new friend!
The Signs as Phantogram Songs “Three”

Aries: Calling All -
I know what you’re craving
I can satiate it
You can almost taste it
Love is overrated

Taurus: Answer - 
And you can’t hold me down
‘Cause I need an answer
'Cause I need an answer, love
And you say way too much
But I still need an answer, love

Gemini: Barking Dog -
Head on the bathroom floor
Talking in my demon voice
Millions of years go by
Memories of peace and love
Killing to reconstruct

Cancer: Same Old Blues - 
Today I lost my future to the past
I got nobody left, I’m going nowhere fast
Never getting far away enough
Like a shadow on the sidewalk
I can’t shake it off

Leo: Funeral Pyre -
My funeral pyre
My ship of fire
As it sinks, I rise
All I see is your eyes

Virgo: Answer - 
Kindly be kind,
wipe all the dirt from my eyes
I need an answer

Libra: Cruel World -
Erase you from my mind
I’m sorry, but I
I’m cutting all the ties

Scorpio: You’re Mine -
You don’t talk to no one, don’t you look at nothin’
Focus on me, look into my eyes
Come a little closer, let me tell you somethin’
You ain’t goin’ anywhere, 'cause you’re mine

Sagittarius: Destroyer -
I’m just a ghost you think you know
Was there something that you wanted to say?

Capricorn: Run Run Blood -
Extra, extra, read all about it
You think you slow me down? I highly doubt it
I own the paperboys, and you’re the buyer
Your world is my world now to live and die in

Aquarius: You Don’t Get Me High Anymore -
Walk with me to the end
Stare with me into the abyss
Do you feel like letting go?
I wonder how far down it is

Pisces: Same Old Blues -
I keep on having this dream
Where I’m stuck in a hole and I can’t get out
There’s always something that’s pulling me down, down, down
My heart is down on its knees
And no one is hearing me screaming
There’s always something that’s pulling me down, down, down

I just finished the latest Third Doctor comic, and I love it a lot, it had me cackling. Firstly because of this exchange;

And secondly because of the cliffhanger, which I won’t spoil here yet. Let’s just say that bringing back random villains from the ‘60s is my aesthetic, and this comic definitely does that.