Updated theme + revamped a whole bunch of other things.
Time to have my theme center around the love of my life; haha I’ve had a BSD theme for months now and I’m really happy with the new look.
As much as I loved having a header theme I was too lazy to update it and I haven’t had a minimalist theme since I created this blog. 
Hopefully you guys like it :D


When Bálor’s music stops and he looks in the camera…chills. #nxt #finnbálor #theme #chills

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theme 40: déjà-boo 2.0 // update of theme 23

code / static preview: 01, 02
freetexthost code


  • up to nine links
  • posts width: 400/450/500/540px
  • pagination/infinite scroll/manual load
  • icons are optional
  • draggable tags
  • dropdown description
  • many more!

theme 02: kingfisher.
static preview + temp. live previewperma // pastebin + alt link

this is a one column, all-in-one theme with pagination, featuring:

  • options for 400, 450, 500 or 540px posts
  • body and title font options (Hind, Roboto, Work Sans, Karla, Lora, Playfair Display, and Source Sans Pro)
  • tabs for a bio section, an askbox with optional FAQ, navigation, and blogroll
  • option to pick whatever icons you’d like for the topbar *(read notes)
  • an unobtrusive sidebar with four custom links that you can click to open
  • optional rounded borders
  • optional hidden captions
  • optional hover or always-shown like/reblog buttons
  • optional custom tumblr controls


read below for notes and a mini guide on using this theme:

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dreamboat theme by mark

1 / 2 / 3 / code

this is my second theme n it turned out good so i made 3 previews lmao


  • cute pixels for audio & ask posts
  • glow on everything
  • rounded posts
  • 6 credit icons
  • hide captions/tags/ask box/submit box etc.,,
  • too many colour n border options

thanx feel free to edit th code just dont remove the credit or claim that u made this


Critical Role intro mashed up with the theme from Full House


INCLUDES: 400px posts, optional inverted iframe controls, fontawesome icons, different fonts (big, small, strike, sup, sub– don’t worry it looks nice), hover tags & customizable colours.

SIZES: 60x60 icon that will resize automatically

do not steal/take parts and use in your own code. do not use as a base code and PLEASE LIKE/REBLOG IF DOWNLOADING! just message if you have any questions.


Theme #3: Westworld
by rogers-stevens

preview | code

a variation on one of my personal blog themes


  • three custom links
  • customizable post and sidebar widths
  • option to toggle sidebar image and/or title on and off
  • option for like button on posts
  • customizable text and accent colors
  • custom tumblr lightbox

i used shythemes’ video resizing script and lightbox tutorial, as well as acuite’s tooltips tutorial and drop menu tutorial. please like/reblog if you’re using and don’t remove the credit/use as a base code/etc. let me know if you encounter any issues!