On their first date Jim asks permission to hold Spock’s hand and Spock thinks that Jim doesn’t know how Vulcans kiss and is just being super courteous, so he starts explaining, and Jim’s just like “I know that, I’m trying to kiss you, you idiot”

Fandom Contributor of the Month

(I nearly typoed this as ‘Fandom Contributor of the Moth)

Starting in July, I am going to pick a contributor to the fandom who we will shower with love, praise, reblogs, comments and other nice things!

A contributor can be someone who:
-Makes fanart
-Writes fanfiction
-Edits Images
-Is supportive and vocal in the fandom, offering support and love to others. 

If you wish to suggest someone, please send a message (No comments in here, we can surprise them!)
If there are several suggestions, I’ll just pick one and save the next people for the month(s) after. If one person gets two or more people suggesting them, I’ll do that person first (though the numbers people gets won’t be revealed).

If you wish to, you can include a reason why you are nominating them (to be made public)

If no one suggests anyone, I’ll find someone myself. :D The first one will be announced on 1st July!

Truth to Power - Chapter 1 - HeronS - Star Trek: The Original Series [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

After Journey to Babel, Sarek happens upon his son’s medical records, listing all the injuries he has received during his time in Starfleet. It leads to a tense confrontation with Kirk about loyalty, trust, and who should be allowed to wield power.

I love this! I love the unique dynamic we have here which is seldom seen in fics and everyone is perfectly in character. Very enjoyable.