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McCoy purposely reads old sci fi stories out loud when he knows Spock is within hearing range because he knows the pseudo science will irritate Spock to no end. (Bonus: Spock gets revenge by reading out key passages of any DSM or 20th century medical textbook he can get his hands on).

“As the escape pod hurtled deep into space, Katie looked back and watched sadly as her home, her life, all she knew exploded as the fuel ignited.” McCoy sighed mournfully, closing the book to get a glass of water as he had finished the chapter. Spock had stopped heckling twenty minutes ago and McCoy was gearing up to call it a night. 

He walked into the kitchen to get his water, and was surprised to see Spock standing there, waiting for him.

“A medical professional may use dry ice to assist removing warts,” Spock said, reading from his Padd. “A small amount of the sub freezing liquid is placed specifically on the area of desired removal and allow the coldness of the dry ice to kill the cells and allow easy removal.” Spock put his Padd down and raised an eyebrow at McCoy.

“That- that’s just-” McCoy spluttered. “What the fuck were they thinking?”

“Also, the fuel described in your novel is not flammable.”

SpockFact #68

Spock is quite good at climbing trees. His long arms and legs provide him with the reach to grasp higher-up branches and his immense strength gives him the ease to lift himself with the power of arms alone. Dance and combat training as a child also granted him agility, making it possible to swing between branches and twist himself between them, and he can climb higher than any other crew member with half the difficulty. The only problem he has yet to master is figuring out how to get down.

There is another one, this time i decided to make something diferent than i’m used to do, i think was the first time i painted a big drawing, I usually leave them in pencil, i used permanent marker and colored pencils… It’s Uhura watching the sunset in New Vulcan, and Spock waching his sunshine ;) and yes Spock is wearing a cape, i really dont know why, I thought it would be fun :D 

Spock is worried about McCoy. The crew got updated uniforms and McCoy’s were a size or two too small. He was forced to wear them for a few days before his replacements arrived. And the size of the uniforms clearly illustrated just how thin McCoy is.

McCoy is confused because Spock keeps rocking up at his office with food. Is Spock courting him? Has Jim told Spock to be kind and Spock took that to mean feed him for some reason? McCoy eats plenty, and he doesn’t enjoy Spock leaving literally a bag of raw carrots for him at morning tea.

And again, TOS in its finest

They be like:

Roddenberry et.al.: aww she does the math for him and shit, what a flirting :O we’re implying ;) ;)

Roddenberry et al.: TOTAL-ROMANCE intended. Classical about-to-kiss scenario, aw captain kirk and his old love and shit

Completely identical scenario minus some clothes:

Roddenberry et al.: no homo D:< wtf guys

Prompt: “if you have time you should write the yoga pants Chekov one but with spock instead and he thinks Reader is being totally illogical” - Anon

Word Count: 785

Author’s Note: I haven’t written Spock in earnest in the better part of seven or eight years, so it was nice to get to back to him. It’s a little short, but I’ve got a lot of Spock on the request list right now, so there will be more of this man soon. Enjoy, darlings!

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