With a small team we came together to make creative photos with dress Nimbata Idolon, a design of my Absentia collections. Love this rather dark picture :)
The dress is inspired by Art Nouveau evening gowns and ghosts. Made of soft lace, viscose lining and stretch voile sleeves, everything decorated and hemmed with lots of lace.

Thanks to:
Photo: Sonja de Ridder photography
Model & Makeup: Ludwika Jakubowska
For all my work, see www.somniaromantica.com  :)


Did you know that the OSPCA did an inspection of Marineland on October 10th, and that they found NOTHING wrong with the place? The upclose photo of Sonja the Walrus was taken just two days after their so-called inspection. How could they have missed that? My guess is, they went in, collected their bribe and left. This needs to end. We go to them for help for these animals and they turn out to be just as bad as John Ass-HOLER (Marineland’s owner). OSPCA and Marineland are the enemies here.