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I’m just gonna say it. I think Sonja was what triggered Even’s manic episode.

Here’s why: Even himself said that she was controlling him. While yes, she may have seen it as protecting him, she still didn’t give him the freedom to think and feel for himself (this is further confirmed by what she says to Isak). She thinks she knows what Even is thinking and feeling better than he does (even though she’s not a professional in any sense). And we know from seeing how Even is around Isak that that is not the case, she thinks Even is still the person she dated, and though it was only a short time ago, Even has grown as a person since he met Isak, he’s come into himself far more and isn’t so afraid to be light hearted with other people anymore; she does not know this Even. She doesn’t know the bond he and Isak share and how that bond has changed both of their lives in a pretty big way for different reasons.

I’m going to say it again. Sonja is emotionally abusive to Even. It doesn’t matter what her reasons are, or if she still cares about him, you can still emotionally abuse someone while having their best interest at heart. She is emotionally abusive because she won’t hear Even’s side of things, she thinks because he’s mentally ill that he can’t think and feel for himself, and while in severe cases that might be true, we know from the early episodes in season 3 that Even has a strong mind that has deep thoughts and feelings and while he may not be able to say it, he can most definitely show it, and the fact Sonja is so busy focusing on his illness to not even think that that could be a possibility, proves to me that she thinks Even’s illness defines who he is; which is not true at all, the only real affect it has on his personality is that he feels so much more deeply, it does not affect what he feels only how much he feels it.

Now I’ve got the base of why Sonja could be the trigger, I’m going to go into specific moments that it seems she was the trigger for him over the course of this season.

  1. The pre-drink when Sonja told him to watch his drinking, almost right after he broke into someone’s house and swam in their pool (Sonja controlling him is a trigger)
  2. The kiss at the party, after that he completely shut Isak out for a while (my guess is Sonja told Even that Isak wouldn’t understand and that only she knew what he was going through, once again controlling and emotionally abusive)
  3. Something we missed before Even sent the ‘What are you doing now? Can we talk?’ text (he sent drawings so my guess is Sonja found out he’d been sending drawings and a similar thing to 2 happened, only this time Even stood up for himself and broke up with her, and went to Isak.)
  4. When Sonja called Isak asking for Even [I don’t count the kitchen scene as an episode for him, I think he was just happy to be rid of Sonja] (When Sonja called, the little bubble Even and Isak were in, burst, suddenly Sonja had control again and she was also trying to control Isak, at least from Even’s POV, he freaks out, literally doesn’t sleep, buries his fear of Sonja and losing Isak by making jokes)
  5. A continuation of 4. (I think this episode he had from Sonja calling Isak sort of came in waves, first is started with panic and insomnia, then it stopped, then extreme happiness/hysteria, then irrational thinking and destructive tendencies [not sleeping, the pause when he was with Isak and they were laying together on the bed, the proposal conversation, the going out naked in the middle of the night to get McDonald’s])

I think point 1 is purely because Sonja is controlling and that makes Even anxious and so he tries to combat the anxiety by being overly spontaneous (I relate to this one a lot)

Points 2 and 3 are once again because Sonja is controlling, only now he has the added stress of the possibility of losing Isak

Points 4 and 5, there are several things at play here: Sonja being in control again, Even losing his freedom, Even’s fear of Isak turning against him, Even’s fear of Isak leaving him all together, the feeling like things are too good to be true and so he panics and tries to over compensate again (also relate to this one), the general feeling he has that he can’t make his own choices so he acts irrationally because he feels it’s the only way he’ll be heard (and he’s right to an extent, at least when it comes to Sonja)

I’m not saying that Sonja is the only cause, or that she was what caused his mania to begin with, I am however saying that she is a huge huge trigger to it, especially during his most recent episode; and that’s not me being over dramatic either, that’s just me paying attention to the sequence of events.

On Sonja (SKAM)

I feel that Sonja is judged a bit too harshly by many people. Yes, she the way she talks to Isak is really mean, but everything she does is because she loves Even. Think about it: They have been together for four years. Even even claims that no one knows him better. She has been through his episodes and seen him at his best and seen him at his worst. She knows how to handle those situations and worries about him (e.g. she tells him not to drink too much on Halloween, because she knows that alcohol is a trigger).

When Even tells her about Isak she probably told him that he needs to come clean about his illness to Isak. However, after Isak tells him in the locker room that he can’t have mentally unstable people around him, Even at first distances himself again from Isak, because he probably knows that Sonja is right. Later he goes back to Isak but decides to keep his mental illness a secret, because he fears that he might lose Isak because of it.

So when Even breaks up with Sonja, she is of course hurt, heartbroken and jealous of Isak. Nevertheless she tries to call Isak to inform him about Even’s Mania, because she is afraid of what might happen if there is no one to take care of Even or that Isak’s ignorance could lead to a dangerous situation for Even. Even intervenes and Sonja is probably quite anxious.

When Isak calls Sonja to tell her that something happened to Even, her fears come true. Despite the fact that Even left her, she directly takes a Taxi to meet Isak, makes necessary calls (she was probably on the phone with Even’s parents or the police) and then goes off to find him (I just assmume that, because I find it curious that she doesn’t take the taxi back but goes off - to the police station maybe?).

Her reaction towards Isak makes sense: She feared that something like this was going to happen and tried to prevent it. Isak is the reason why Even left her. Even though she is still heartbroken, she deeply cares about Even and wishes him to be well. Isak’s ignorance of Even’s mania contributed to how the evening turned out. So of course she is mad at Isak and therefore says these hurtful things.


Did you know that the OSPCA did an inspection of Marineland on October 10th, and that they found NOTHING wrong with the place? The upclose photo of Sonja the Walrus was taken just two days after their so-called inspection. How could they have missed that? My guess is, they went in, collected their bribe and left. This needs to end. We go to them for help for these animals and they turn out to be just as bad as John Ass-HOLER (Marineland’s owner). OSPCA and Marineland are the enemies here.


you will never successfully convince me that from the second Sonja laid eyes on Isak she couldn’t feel the storm coming. Isak is a force of nature, he is charming and soft and lovely and Sonja knows. she knows that if she’s not careful Even will fall completely in love with this beautiful boy and there will be no turning back. she knows that Isak’s feelings for Even are a fire already burning and fires spread too fast if they’re left unattended. the way she looks at him, the way she emphasizes her name and her place in Even’s life and the way she stakes her public claim. all actions to put a flag on territory that she didn’t know was being threatened until she walked in and saw him.

I think this is what Even meant when he talking about Sonja being controlling, about her always being right and about her knowing him better than he knows himself. I think the first time Even chose Isak, Sonja fought. she simplified them to two boys infatuated with each other and made him believe it was calm waters with nothing under the surface. she fought so he wouldn’t throw away their four years together and it worked. for a while, it worked. she didn’t realize that what she had made him believe was calm waters was actually a hurricane. that Isak was an open wound for Even and one that wouldn’t heal, one she couldn’t touch. when they were apart he came to understand that the only way to heal was to move on, his mind his own and his heart with Isak.