A great video about Smooshi the walrus playing with the rest of her walrus family.

Alternative for Marineland & solve the selfish PC's party concern for economic loss

A friend of mine who has been attending the Bill 80 readings in Toronto the last month, has come up against the opposing Progressive Conservative party (equivalent to the U.S’ Republican Party). MPP Tim Hudak has not only made a fool of himself believing that if Kiska isn’t kept at Marineland what would would happen if another whale washes ashore and there was no place for it to go if this Bill is passed whether it included or doesn’t include Kiska. His ignorance to the habitat of marine mammals alone made his constituents shake their heads. Not only is he a moron but he’s also a first class douche bag dip shit.

Hudak aside, the PC Party has always been driven by money over the decades. How much money can we make? We will lose money at the expense of the needy/poor and animals….yadda-yadda-yadda!

Owner of Marineland is the same way. Driven by money, not compassion.

Hudak is concern for economic collapse due to loss of tourism, as he firmly believes that Marineland brings in more tourist than the iconic natural wonder, Niagara Falls does. And also concerned, and rightfully so in this case for Job loss.

Basically writing to him or any other PC party members for Kiska and other Marineland prisoners is a waste of time. Telling him about her needs and health issues isn’t going to work. They’re more concerned about money.
I agree that wasting time trying to get the money driven PC party on board with Bill 80 and the hopeful inclusion of Kiska.

Asshole, Tim Hudak, continues to make it all about money and the Niagara economy when there is a much more profitable way bringing money and even more jobs to the region. Maybe the tactic we need to employ with this fucktard of all fucktards, is to actually show him and John Ass-Hiker, the alternative. The much more lucrative way of bringing more money and jobs to the high tourist region.

Who says in this day and age, that you can’t still show marine mammals up close and personal with all this amazing technology? Showing more extensive holographic images of all species in the wild with accurate and scientifically proven information in a ride type setting. Marineland certainly has the space to build or convert existing buildings to accommodate this, while in other parts of the park remove all live animals and put up more adult and family friendly roller coasters, rides and exhibits. Since there are few places like this in this region, it would be a great addition. Plus the indoor exhibits can run at discount prices in the off seasons. That’s jobs all year around as well as income. That’s 6 more months of money coming in and job availability.

Am I so off cuff with this proposal?