Orions Showcase 

Ive imaged this part of the sky on numerous occasions and will probably keep imaging it until I die because it just looks fucking wicked. 

30x2min, ISO800, Canon 700D mod, Canon 200mm at F4 


ORION had no mother and was a gift to a peasant from Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury. He was a skilled blacksmith and was able to walk on water, and had greater strength than any other mortal. He walked to the coast of Sicily against the sea and built a temple to honor the gods there. 

He fell in love with Merope, daughter of Oenopion. Her father, the king, did not approve even after he rid their island of wild beasts. Orion acted out in anger and violence and her father did not approve of this conduct. As a consequence, he deprived Orion of his sight and cast him out to the sea shore. 

The blinded hero was guided to the abode of sun by Kedalion (one of Vulcan’s men) to regain his sight. 

Following this, he hunted with Diana, a virgin huntress, and it was said she was about to marry him. Her brother, Apollo did not approve. 

One day, observing Orion wading through the ocean with his head just above the water, Apollo pointed it out to Diana and challenged that she could not hit the black figure floating on the water. She accepted the challenge, and effortlessly made the shot, unknowingly killing Orion. 

The waves rolled his body onto shore, and with many tears she placed him among the stars. 

Orion is one of the mot well-known constellations in the sky. He is shown as a hunter attacking a bull with an upraised club. 


Orion Nebula Complex by Neil Winston
Via Flickr:
This is the first deep sky photo I’ve taken with my Canon 6D. The camera is unmodified, and I’m impressed with its performance. Exposure: 53x300s, 15x60s, 20x20s second exposures at ISO 1600 Camera: Canon EOS 6D (Unmodified) Filter: Unfiltered Telescope: Orion ED80 with .85x Focal Reducer Mount: Losmandy G-11 Guider: Orion SSAG through ST80 Date: 11/27/2016 Exposures shot RAW in BYEOS, stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, and processed in Photoshop

Wedding Event!

So… all of ya’ll know the ship of Orion X Jay?

They want to get married, @ask–orion and I were talking about a Wedding event for a while. Now I’m bringing it into action.

The two dorks will have a normal wedding, full of adorkable moments we can all share together. Now, we may have it rebloging this to roleplay or change it to a discord server so that may happen.

Now, at the moment. Jay has a few people he personally wishes to invite.
(Orion may do the same if he wishes.)

Goth and Palette- @nekophy @angexci
Cyber Sans- @askcyborgsans
(If i remember more i shall add.)

During this we may add doodles or drawings and you of course can. Also expect either Orion or Jay to cry, this is an emotional moment for the two.


Reflect the Universe by raymond majrowski
Via Flickr:
The constellation of Orion the Hunter, with Sirius reflected,

This Forgotten Egyptian Dish Reveals Early Astronomical Symbols of Key Constellations

While traveling in Egypt for his studies, researcher Adriano Forgione came across a unique artifact in the Nubian Museum in Aswan. It was a dish which had not been recognized for the important information it holds. As soon as he saw it, he immediately understood that he had found himself in front of an astronomical-mythological object of enormous value.

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