150729 G-Dragon’s Wax Figure Unveiled at the Grevin Museum in Seoul

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Note: The museum will be opened to the public on July 30th and will feature 88+ wax figures including 24 Korean celebrities and athletes.

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And of course the memes themselves…

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Kishimoto, we’ve more than covered the Uchihas, Senju, somewhat, Hyugas, but don’t the Uzumakis need love too?

Imagine the third child (delivered by Sakura) being born with the Tenseigan because Hinata still had some of Toneri’s chakra in her and she’s the descendant of both Otsutsuki brothers, and Naruto and Boruto going on a journey to find a way to seal it off with one of their Clan’s techniques and they end up exploring more of the Uzumaki heritage.

Bonus: Sasuke stays behind to protect her and the rest of  the family.

Bonus+: The child is red-headed so she’s named after her grandmother.

Bonus++: The 2nd Uchiha child is on the way.

Bonus+++: Naruto is inspired to revive Uzushiogakure and the Land of Whirpools because of this journey.