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Spock: Captain, this course is reckless and illogical. The Enterprise stands no chance against all those Klingons.

Me: We have no choice, Spock. There’s no other ship in the sector to defend the helpless Kardashians. Engine room! I need warp 8 now!

Scotty: Cap’n, I’m givin’ er all she’s got!

Me: Shields up! Stand by phasers!

Chekov: Dare are seeks Klingon sheeps clozinc in on us, kyaptin.

McCoy: What do you think of Frank’s proposal, Rick?

Me: Huh?  Wut..?

Boss: Frank’s proposal. The one that he’s been presenting up there for the last ten minutes. You’ve got a printed copy there that you’ve been doodling little spaceships on. What’s your opinion of it?

Me: Ummm…  Errr….  It’s interesting.  Sorry, I’ve got a big meeting later this afternoon and I was planning in my head what I’m going to say there. I’ll read this over and get you my comments by end of day, okay?

Boss:  Yeah. Sure. Well, going forward, try to pay attention to the meeting you’re actually in, okay?

Me: Yes, I will. Promise. Sorry about that.

Boss: Sandra, what do you think of Frank’s idea?

Sandra: Well, I think it’s fine but we should consider blah blah blah…

Uhura: You were sooo brave facing down that big mean Klingon commander, Captain. If you’re not busy after this battle, maybe you and I could… you know…

Sulu: OH Myyyyy….