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Do you have more jikook fic recommendations? I feel like lately I've been running out of them (again) so maybe you have some under appreciated jikook fics that you want to promote or just something, anything good? Thanks for your hard work!!


Other than the fics we’ve reviewed that can be found in our jikook tag, we also recommend these fics:

Happy Reading! ~ Admin P + N

got7′s underrated golden hyung ship: markbum

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kings of eye smiles

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actual thing that happened ok

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jb is actually in love with mark

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exhibit 2

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mark loves jb, he’s so clingy with him

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anyway pls support markbum

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Admin-nim did u have some compilation of fave yoonmin fics or something?

These are our absolute favorites, sorted alphabetically by author. Of course, this list is always getting new additions! :D - Admins N + P

Digital comp sketch for an oil painting I’m planning. In a painting involving a lot of invention I like to anticipate most of the problems in a digital format so I can work through them at a quicker pace. Saves me a lot of headache later on. The painting is based on two small portrait photos of my great-grandparents.

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What would you guys say are the saddest fics in the fandom? I'm in one of those moods to read a really heart wrenching fic that will make me cry. Any pairing. Short is fine, but if possible i'm hoping for a few long ones. If there's one that's specifically sad or the saddest please tell me that too thank youuuu

Hah! I already had this list lying around… I love the sad ‘ㅅ’  - Admin N

I’m self-banned from re-reading these because of how wrecked I become just even thinking of them:

A+ honorable mentions:

(psst, bring tissues)


Wow we finally did it! After all the effort we did the thingy thing!!!

Thank you so so much to everyone that came to see me and katyrae-rs comp :))

It’s taken a lot longer than it should for both of us to build up the motivation but there’s no way we could’ve done it without each others support and the constant heckling and joking from our clan Rise of Rune. Also want to thank everyone on the tag that has been pushing us and supporting us on the way. it’s been a great ride to comp and i’m so happy we finally have it.

We’re both gonna take it easy on runescape now and just keep our capes for as long as we can and stay motivated by doing little goals we’ve setup! 

Gonna be making a load of outfits over the next few days =p