Tiberius “Tibby” Peterson, a grumpy old man grey tabby with a white flea collar, has gone missing in the Burnaby mountain area in the townhouse complexes around Ashley Grove Court. He’s been gone nearly twenty-four hours now, since September 2nd, and his family is anxious to get him back home. If you happen to live in the area or have any friends who live around here, please let them know.

Guys, I’ve had this guy in my life since I was five years old and my sister and I really need him back. Please signal boost this if you don’t live in the area, and send some happy thoughts our way. I love this cat to death and really want him home. 

You can reach me at shegoestothemovies@gmail.com or direct message me. 


Kinder Morgan Protest on Burnaby Mountain: Monday, November, 17th, 2014.

The B.C. Supreme Court ordered anti-pipeline protesters on Burnaby Mountain to tear down their camp by 4 p.m. Monday (November 17).

Instead, hundreds of demonstrators converged on the site in a strong show of opposition to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

Burnaby RCMP opted to exercise discretion and leave arrests for another day.

Vancouver photographer Jackie Dives captured the scene.

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police acting as private security for Kinder Morgan (formerly known as ENRON). This oil company is trespassing on First Nation territory, backed by the violent force of the state, this is an act of war. Burnaby Mountain November 21

This video edit was put together by film maker IJI. They have asked us to share it for them.

The video captures events that transpired November 21 on the unceded Coast Salish Territory, commonly known as Burnaby Mountain.

Currently the City of Burnaby and Vancouver, the Mayors of Burnaby and Vancouver, the MP for Burnaby, the majority of Burnaby residents, and all nations whose territory the mountain resides on are opposed to Kinder Morgans project.

However RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) are working in large numbers, 24 hours a day acting as Kinder Morgan’s (a Texas based oil companies) personal security.

Many residents of the area have already been arrested, and the arrests are continuing. Get up to Burnaby Mountain and stand in solidarity with those fighting for the land. You do not have to put yourself in an arrestable position by being on the mountain - there are designated protest areas, if you wish to remain in them you can. We hope to see you there. 


Most of you probably don’t know about this issue going on in Burnaby, British Columbia. Some of you probably don’t care, because why would you? With issues such as Ferguson out there, I could see why you wouldn’t find this important, but please spread the word. Kinder Morgan, a huge fossil fuel company wants to put a pipe line right through my hometown and in the process, destroy a lot of valuable natural ecosystem. BC is know for it’s beautiful and pristine rain forests, but companies like Kinder Morgan don’t give a flying shit about the natural ecology that we rely on to survive. This pipeline has been outright refused by the public, but our government doesn’t care that we as their body of citizens don’t want a giant fucking dangerous pipeline running through our backyards with the potential to cause millions of dollars in irreversible damage to the environment. All they care about is the bloody market and how much cash it will put in their wallets. AND since a treaty has NEVER BEEN SIGNED by the native people’s it belongs to, technically they are the only ones with the right to sell the land and they have final say on what goes on there. But the government, who gives not one single fuck about the opinion of the people who HAVE RIGHTS TO THE LAND, pretty much just said “Screw you, we doin’ what we wanna do. Oh you want to peacefully protest something dangerous you never agreed to, well how about a pair of handcuffs to go with your treehugging attitude you green ass punks.” Even DAVID SUZUKI has come to protest what’s going on, so you know that this is some serious shit. This is a video that David’s grandson made after he was PULLED OVER THE POLICE LINE AND ARRESTED during a speech. I know I’m swearing a lot, and that’s because I am angry. Angry and appalled at our government and police force for being so totalitarian. You may be laughing at our treehugging attitudes now, but who cares about the market when our fresh water, soil and land are destroyed because you wanted to make a few bucks?? Anyway, if you made it to the end of this rant I applaud you, please share this video. Please get the word out. Please help us stop Kinder-Morgan.

David Suzuki on Burnaby Mountain to support Kinder Morgan protest

“My grandson was dragged across the line and was arrested! I’m disappointed and it grieves me because of the respect we have for you!”  Suzuki shouted, angrily at the RCMP, after saying how the police treated him with respect when he was in a Japanese internment camp during the Second World War. 

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Hey everyone I have something really important!! 

These 2 girls from my school, Saylor and Tina went missing on Friday afternoon. They told their parents they were going to each other’s houses after the light up our town does. It is likely they hitch hiked or took buses.The RCMP last traced their phone’s to Burnaby, BC earlier this evening. 

If anyone has seen these 2 girls please contact me or the police or post on this Facebook page 

Please reblog this and keep an eye out if you live anywhere in the Vancouver general area! 

I don’t know these girls personally, but I’ve known Tina’s brother since elementary school and Saylor’s sister is in my grade too. Their families are very worried so please look out for them and spread this picture around


Jack White in the bucolic setting of Deer Lake Park shouldn’t compute.

He’s always looked like something that was hatched from a huge egg sac in a dank cellar in Detroit—you wouldn’t call him the outdoorsy type, exactly—but there was something right about watching this deathlessly talented freak remodel himself yet again beneath the towering pines of the Pacific Northwest on Thursday (August 28).

Not least of all because so much of his set had the antique quality of mountain and porch music forced through a battery of screaming tube amps.

Plus, on occasion (and ignoring the tensor bandage), he was barefoot.

Back to nature!

Read the whole review: Jack White rolls like thunder into Burnaby

Crabtown, 1930

Crabtown was a squatter community near today’s Trans Canada Trail in North Burnaby. The first shacks were built by mill workers during a housing shortage in 1911 and after a major recession hit at the end of 1912, it became a permanent community. During the Great Depression it grew in size and residents installed some basic infrastructure, including steps up the bluffs, a boardwalk, and a water supply. When the feds evicted them in 1957, there were 130 residents living in 114 homes in Crabtown.

Source: City of Burnaby Archives #204-441, via Treasures Resurfaced

BREAKING: Kinder Morgan pulls equipment from Burnaby Mountain

Kinder Morgan has begun dismantling its drilling site on Burnaby Mountain and will not complete the planned testing on a second bore hole, a company spokesperson told CBC News Friday.

Ali Hounsell said that it had taken several days for the company to helicopter in the heavy equipment, and that removal work needed to begin now in order to be off the site by Monday’s deadline.

“We’re disappointed, but we respect the court’s decision so we made plans to remove the equipment from that site as the injunction expires midnight Sunday,” Hounsell said. “We are starting to remove that equipment today by helicopter.”

Though testing of the second bore hole will not be completed, Hounsell said the company is confident it has the information required for submission to the National Energy Board (NEB).

“Ultimately, it is up to the NEB to determine whether we do meet the conditions, but we believe that with the information we have been able to gather that we have enough information to meet those requirements at this point,” Hounsell said.

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