anonymous asked:

what kind of girl do you see luke marrying?

I personally see luke wanting to marry someone who’s a little more reserved; someone who’s got a good head on her shoulders. obviously, she would also need to love music and be up for a laugh anytime, but I think that he’s going to be looking for someone to serve as an anchor for him. he’s always in the limelight, and so I don’t think he’s interested in someone that’s really going to be into like, fame, I think he’s much more interested in someone that’s interested in him for him, as just luke and who’s not at all interested in any “perks” that come with him. he’s going to want someone who can talk him down when he gets in his head, but also someone who doesn’t mind being the big spoon and who lets him bury his face in their neck when he doesn’t want to say a word. I think he’s going to need someone who’s able to make him a priority, because I honestly think he’s going to struggle with commitment at first and his first instinct is going to be, “this isn’t working, I’m away too much” and he’ll need you to slap some sense into him. ultimately though, luke is going to marry someone who knows his favorite song and who sits on the roof when him at night and who always remembers to buy his favorite cereal when they go to the store because he always forgets.