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Apollo flicked away his cigarette, walking into the building just as the lunch bell rang. Despite his promise to Jarvis, he was still skipping classes. He couldn’t help it since he thought the classes were absolutely pointless. He knew Jarvis would be headed to the cafeteria by now so he leaned against the wall next to the door to the cafeteria waiting for her. However, she was almost ten minutes late, which was definitely odd for her. When she did finally show up, Apollo noticed the strange look on her face.

“Hey, babydoll, are you ok?” He asked, his hair dimming in its glow.

Artemisio and Apolliana by CelticBotan

Another challenge on 2Minds challenge group on Facebook! This week, we were supposed to genderbend a greek god/dess - I decided to draw two of them, so I made “Artemisio” and “Apolliana” - mostly because Artemis is my ALL TIME FAVE of the whole Pantheon, but them I added Apollo too, day/night is a really fun theme to paint!
Also it was fun, practicing a different body types and painting star-freackles  <3

P.S.: yes, both of them are supposed to look very androgynous  )

Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo PEN | PS CS6

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Did you know your Snake is actually going to Digivolve into MetalSeadramon and attack both our world and the digital one?

Shit you’re right 👀, it’s about damn time I take over the world. 

  • Sally:Percy...Apollo is here to see you
  • Percy:The god Apollo?
  • Sally:I'm so sorry sweetheart..
  • Percy:*flips table*
  • *breaks lamp*
  • *curses Apollo*
  • *stubs toe*
  • *cries while remembering the simpler days when he just killed minotaurs with his bare hands*
  • *curses zeus for cursing Apollo*
  • *takes deep breath*
  • *opens door*
  • Percy:WHY??
Remember Hellenic Polytheists...

Aphrodite wants you to be nice to yourself and your body because she thinks it’s beautiful

Apollo cares about your mental health

Dionysus wants you to relax and enjoy life

Hermes appreciates your puns and pranks and silly antics 

Hephaestus thinks you’re hella talented and inspiring as is

Artemis believes you’re strong enough to fight off the bullshit people throw at you

Ares wants you to keep fighting 

Athena believes in you - your intelligence and capability

Poseidon knows that you can be as calm as a lake’s current or as fearsome as an earthquake

Hestia wants you to be safe and comfortable

Persephone wants you to stop and smell the roses

Hera has a beautiful future planned for you

Hades doesn’t want you to kill yourself tonight

and remember, if all else fails,

Zeus would totally start a shit-storm over you

What I Want From Trails of Apollo


- Apollo being a dad.

- Apollo cabin kids + their interaction with their newly humanized father.

- Octavian’s backstory. Ya’ll can hate him all you want but there’s a reason why he was the way he was. Just like Luke.

- Percy talking about the swim team and going to school with Annabeth.

-Apollo’s interaction with Sally Jackson. Percy is his cousin, so that practically makes Sally his aunt. “Auntie Sally”.

- Nico di Angelo finally being a happy little death child.

- Jason having to share a cabin with Apollo.

- Apollo having to do normal CHB things like capture the flag and basically just interacting with the kids and learning about them and realizing what horrible parents the gods are.

- Leo Valdez.