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although i have blocked people for that awful star trek theory that goes like, ‘the federation’s prime directive/non interference policy actually destroys cultures’ as if like, letting a culture fuck themselves up and fucking colonising them are equally bad

how do you take the middle path in an argument about colonialism. ‘sure invading a culture is bad, but imagine the awful things that could happen if we leave this native culture to its own devices?’ like how about we as white people avoid the fuck out of that narrative please and thank you

you know how we all collectively thought as a fandom that even’s always been very sure about his sexuality and what he liked and what he wanted 

and now we’re sitting here trying to process the fact that he wasn’t, and he hated himself so much he tried to “cure” himself and then tried to take his own life because he was being told he was going to hell for liking boys

we have seriously never toed the waters we’re being forcefully thrown into right now. even bech næsheim had a similar struggle to isak’s concerning religion and homosexuality, and he still pursued isak – he still saw this boy and said, maybe he’s worth it. maybe this one’s different. maybe it’s not wrong.

and now they’re both living together and are happy with who they are and don’t touch me

the fact that even found isak after all of that, all of that – losing his friends, probably questioning his sexuality, trying to take his own life – the fact that after all of that, things looked up and he found someone to love and who loves him back unconditionally is one of the most uplifting and awe-inspiring things that has ever happened on this show and i am so, so grateful