“That my femshep was going to bring the Reapers down with her, was no secret to me. I just wished she could have died next to Anderson, looking out over the amazing view and say ” We did it ” Instead she gets to die alone in a more or less brutal fashion, with the only closure being ” Yeah, nothing you fought for made much of a difference, but hey! You get to pick a pretty colour! ” She deserved more..Much more.”

“It took me an hour or so, but I finally made a Male Shepard that didn’t look like a monkey’s uncle. Then I got in-game, and saw his face at an angle that wasn’t in the creation screen. At that one angle, he had a flat face, so flat that he looked like a box. I deleted it, and went through ME2’s opening and the interactive comic to try and make it right. I did. Sweet, sweet success.”