n74 plus 400 iso

Filmus Monochromus finally inspired me enough to finally step into the realm of cinematic 35mm film use in 35mm cameras. I’ve always been intrigued by the Double-X project, but have never stomach’d the amount of commitment needed to purchase 400’ of the stuff, then there is the alternative, that’s still being made, ORWO N74 Plus (400 ISO!). This definitely interested me since it comes in a 100’ bulk roll. So after he showed me some of the results once pushed to 800 ISO, I enjoyed the look so much I picked up a 100’ can to try.

Since Neopan 400 has been basically discontinued in Bulk and is too pricey individually, i’m always open to trying new films that may work in my favor.

In the past i’ve tried these films:

And they proved to be good in their own ways, They weren’t quite up to scratch compared to the normal Tri-X givings.

With all the floating rumors about Kodak selling their film business, then not, then not selling their “film creating” building, I think it’s more evident we need to try some other alternatives… Especially since my favorite film Neopan decided to go expensive.

There are alternatives that are readily available too.

Ilford has been creating B&W film a very long time and created products even today.

I haven’t used Ilford film very much in recent times, other than to kill the remaining old bulk I had. I enjoy Ilford Pan F+ 50 ISO very much, it’s a wonderful film but it’s quite slow.

So i’m excited to give it a try, it comes out to be $55 USD for a 100’ roll shipped to your door, if you’re like me and bulk-load all your film because you’re cheap, it comes out to be around $2 a roll of 26-28 shots. I think I can get approx. 25-26 rolls out of the 100’.

So if you’re in the trying mood, definitely give it a look.