Here’s another round of the best builds for the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, this time focusing on the N7 Shadow and it’s awesome melee abilities.

Carnifex w/extended barrel & melee stunner

You want something that keeps you’re power regeneration at 200% because this build revolves around your shadow strike ability and the epic sword that the Shadow carries around.

Tactical Cloak - 1, 2, 3, 4 up, 5 down, 6 up
Electrical Slash - 1, 2, 3
Shadow Strike - 1, 2, 3, 4 up, 5 up, 6 up
N7 Shadow - 1, 2, 3, 4 down, 5 up
Sword Mastery - 1, 2, 3, 4 up, 5 up, 6 down

Now remember, this build is based on power use and melee so don’t go thinking that this is the best build with this character, it’s simply one version that you can try.

Have fun kiddywinks!


N7 Slayer & N7 Shadow.

Debating whether or not I should do a small comic with the new ME3 Multiplayer characters. Y'know for a mid-sized project before the next school year starts up again.

Givin’ them personalities based on their abilities and such. So far I’ve got the Slayer, an off the walls, overzealous dude who always wants to rush in head first without thinking. (The best comparison I can make is Texas from Motorcity)

The Shadow tries to take herself seriously, but that never really works out. She’d like to come off as a Batman-style “I am justice, I am the night” fighter, but has the hyperactivity and acrobatics of a chipmunk.

Together they are teleporting bffsies. 

More to come a bit later. 

nodaudaboutitt  asked:

Sol System, stardust, constellation, supernova and starcluster

You didn’t specify who this was for, so I’m going to answer this for Pandora Shepard! :)

Sol System - What is your Shepard’s class, background, military history?

Pandora Shepard is an Infiltrator (specialist: N7 Shadow Infiltrator), Paragade, Hero of Elysium.

Stardust - What kind of clothes do they usually wear off-duty? (sporty, elegant or specific clothes like sweatpants, jeans etc)

Off duty, she tends to wear sweat pants and tank tops around the house or ship, or sexy black dresses and tight skinny jeans when she is going out around people. She likes to either feel comfortable or look sexy.

Constellation - Does your Shepard have a family? Are they alive?

Pandora Shepard is the daughter of Captain Hannah Shepard (deceased) and Admiral Stephen Hackett. Her parents divorced when she was a child due to the stress of staying married and working apart, but they remained a couple and they were a very close family. Pandora took her mother’s last name when she entered the Alliance to avoid special treatment because of who her father was.

Her mother was killed during Sovereign and the geth’s the attack on the Citadel as she was part of the Alliance fleet who protected the council. Pandora has never completely forgiven herself for giving the order that got her mother killed. She and her father are incredibly close - although it is doubtful that he will approve of her current boyfriend! XD

Supernova - When did your Shepard decide to join the Alliance? Was there a breaking point in their life that made them to become a soldier?

She always knew she wanted to join the Alliance. Both her parents were officers and when she turned out to be a biotic it sealed the deal. The was no defining moment or anything, it was just something she aspired to from childhood.

Star cluster - Does your Shepard have any mental illnesses and if yes, do they visit a therapist or talk to someone about it?

Pandora does not have any mental illnesses, in fact, out of all of my Shepards she is probably the most well balanced and the one most in touch with her feelings and herself. She likes to talk problems through and likes to confront things bubbling under the surface.

Though … she does currently have the shadow of Morinth lurking in her head, and that is causing some problems. She may well need to talk to someone soon, as Morinth made her feel violated and attacked, and she isn’t coping terribly well with having part of her still inside of her.

Pandora art by Georgialeflayart