n7 helmet

Confession:  I really wish there was a mod to give you the N7 helmet you have at the start of ME2. You know, the one where the glass isn’t see-through. Sure, it’s literally the same as the default helmet you get in the game, but the glass is really annoying me. Like, it’s a little thing that can be changed so easily, and yet I can’t do squat about it.


Gingerly, he dug both hands down into the pristine powder and lifted Shepard’s N7 helmet up to his eye level. This was the one. The one he’d been wearing when he was spaced. Kaidan only knew that because, upon turning it over in his unwilling hands, he saw his own initials stenciled in red right below the N7 stamp. Shepard had wanted to put it on all of his helmets.

Art based on and created for “Galaxies” by jupiterjames

Main Link:  http://archiveofourown.org/works/2075226

Created for the 2014 Mass Effect Big Bang

Artist’s Notes:

So sorry for the long post! But this was something I’ve always wanted to do…

First of all,  am utterly amazed that I managed to pair up with the amazing jupiterjames again. She wrote this really heartbreaking piece about Kaidan going to Alchera. And it was absolutely inspiring to work with her story! Hopefully you guys will enjoy it as much as I did. :D

antivanrogue, I am tagging you for a very certain post. :p

Second of all, this is my last MEBB entry (finally!!), So, azzydarling and bioticbooty thank you so much for arranging this MEBB. Also, thank you for covering for me when my tablet broke and I needed to adjust my schedule. You guys made it possible for me to produce these pieces to the quality I am happy with.

Lastly, I hope you guys enjoyed this month as much as I have. MEBB has a lot of great stories, do go check it out! :D

A Mass Effect OC ask meme!

I really enjoyed the Dragon Age Item asks that were going around a while ago, so I decided to make a version for Mass Effect. Send me an item and a character and I’ll answer the question(s)! And of course feel free to reblog it so people can ask you stuff too!

Medigel - How does the character react when someone asks them for help? How do they feel about asking other people for help?

Omnigel - What strategies do they prefer to use when trying to solve problems?

Omniblade - How temperamental are they? Do they show their anger or keep it hidden? What’s the fastest way to provoke them?  

Ultralight materials - What’s a burden they carry that they wish was lighter?

Serrice Ice Brandy - What, if anything, is a memory that the character looks back on fondly?  

N7 chestplate - How difficult is it for someone to become close to your character? What (if anything) would someone have to do to earn your character’s trust and respect?

N7 helmet - Why did the character choose their current career (and class)? Do they believe it’s the right occupation for them?

Thermal scope - How does the character go about reading people? Do they take people’s words and actions at face value, or do they tend to dig for other motives?

Prothean relic - How does the character feel towards other species? Do they believe that their own species is exceptional in some way?

Dogtags - How do they want to be remembered?

Another one for Mass Effect Relationships Week (#merweek), from this list of prompts by @vorchagirl.

Day 2: Pictures of You

MShep/Garrus, 494 words. Not smut. Briefly smut-adjacent.

Detainees are allowed pictures on their walls or framed on the little bolted-down desk, although the criteria for what’s permissible are exhaustive and exhausting. No violence, no politics, no pornography. Everything has to be vetted and approved by the detention wing’s admin team.

Byron Shepard has a motley collection of pictures arranged along the back of the desk. One is of two middle-aged women in Alliance blues, his mother and stepmother. (Captain Hannah Shepard has the same short-cropped dishwater-blonde hair as her son, and looks like she would rather be anywhere other than in front of the camera. Her wife, who is much tidier, looks at her with an expression of affectionate exasperation.) One is of the SSV Normandy. One is of a much-refurbished Bay-class troop transport and hab-ship called the SSV Narragansett. One, mysteriously, is of a hamster peering out through the blown-out visor of what looks suspiciously like an N7 battle helmet. One is of the Citadel. One is of a turian.

“Who’s that?” James Vega asks one day, after escorting Shepard back from the base’s gym. The war hero turned war criminal doesn’t get to go anywhere without a guard.

Shepard glances in the direction of Vega’s gesture, and stops. “That’s Garrus.” A rare hesitation, which gets Vega’s attention: the man is normally diplomatic-incident blunt as a matter of course. “He’ll be back on Palaven by now.”

Vega gets the feeling there’s about a novel’s worth of things not said in those two sentences.

“Long way,” he says, awkwardly. “That’s rough.”

“Yeah,” Shepard says, and turns towards the window. Vega takes his cue, and leaves.

With the lieutenant gone, Shepard picks up the photo and looks at it again. It’s a full-length shot of Garrus in civvies, arms folded, looking at the camera with an expression of mild but affectionate scepticism; the human equivalent would have been a raised eyebrow.

Garrus Vakarian, seven feet tall and handsome as all hell, who carries himself with the insouciance of a man in full battle armour even when he takes it off, which he more or less only does for Shepard. The civilian clothes show off his broad shoulders, slender waist, and the square, bulky hips that fit very nicely into Shepard’s hands. He’s bare-handed, showing his claws - which is a provocation all by itself, because Shepard has altogether too many associations with Garrus’ hands to look at them neutrally - and half-smiling, teeth visible in the crack of his jaw. He is a study in angular, predatory poise, and remains the best-looking man Shepard’s ever seen.

The picture captures one moment in time, and entirely fails to include the turian’s drawl of Finished? after the photo was taken, or the fact that two seconds later Shepard was flat on his back on the bed with both wrists pinned over his head.

Shepard puts down the picture, and reflects that they’d never have let him have it if they’d known what it was actually of.

Some Assembly Required, Shakarian, PG-13

Summary: Garrus didn’t mean to break Shepard’s newest ship, but he’ll do anything to fix it for her.

This one is for thekjuniverse, who brought up this idea ages ago. (Sorry it took so long. I got distracted by work and shiny things.)

This is admittedly a huge pile of awkward Garrus and beginning relationship fluff. This week has had horrible news, yes? So yay for fluff!

Rated PG-13 for brief mention of adults having a sexual relationship, though there’s nothing particularly explicit here.

- - -

When he arrived, Shepard was in the shower.

He froze.

He’d planned for many scenarios – all the scenarios, he’d thought – but in all of them Shepard had at least been in the room.

Somehow, one where Shepard simply didn’t appear – in her own quarters, no less – had never entered his mind. That was saying something, given that he’d even come up with preliminary plans for rescuing her in many scenarios. Should a collector suddenly burst through her door, he’d silence them with a headshot; if he couldn’t reach his Mantis, he could reach her Widow. If Cerberus decided they were going to turn on her because she was having sex with a non-human, he’d kill the bastards. First, he’d take out Jacob and Miranda, close up. Then, either hand to hand or with a gun, he and Shepard could clean up the rest. He’d even thought of what he’d do if the Normandy, once again, was lost: make sure she was off the ship and in a damn escape pod this time.

Somehow, this…he hadn’t imagined.

His hands gripped his wine bottle tightly.

What was he supposed to do?

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