Everything we've learnt about Andromeda from the Playstation Event

Tech Video - With Commentary  

-Andromeda will support 4K on PS4 Pro and HDR10 on all platforms
-There will be a new trailer and more information on N7 Day  

Tech Video - Without Commentary  

-A male synthesised voice mentions that there is a ‘system lockdown’. This voice might be the Tempest ship computer, or an AI companion
-Ryder is addressed as “Pathfinder”
-You have a scanner that you can use to scan aspects of the environment for more info
-This gameplay section takes place in a subterranean environment that houses an alien structure
-Ryder is entering a Remnant Vault
-The Remnant appear to have extremely advanced technology, as they probably haven’t had to worry about being wiped out when their civilisation got too advanced
-The plant life is related to 'Eos’ surface plants. Eos may refer to another Ark like the Hyperion, the ship used to get to Andromeda.
-The plant life has no apparent nutrient intake but the Vault is somehow keeping them alive
-The Remnant appear to be robotic, or these specific Remnant are just sentries
-The Remant sentries are passive and don’t interfere with Ryder activating panels
-This vault is located in the Helius Cluster
-When the Vault begins to malfunction/respond to the intrusion, Ryder turns and runs without looking back, suggesting that he doesn’t have the same military instincts that Shepard had  

PlayStation Access - Mac Walters Interview  

-The male and female Ryder are siblings and exist in the world at the same time
-The N7 character from the E3 2015 trailer is their father
-The 3 make up the Ryder family in Andromeda. Names will be revealed later on
-The game has a sense of freedom and movement when you explore
-The plant isn’t the only thing in this video that can be scanned
-Unlike the trilogy, this time there is more focus on “If you can see it, you can get there”
-The gameplay sequence has been edited to remove context, dialogue choices etc. to emphasise the focus as a Tech Demo  

Additional Sources - Twitter  

-“Story, setting, characters, gameplay and more will all be revealed, discussed and presented later this year” -Mac Walters
“You can expect to see more of both Ryder siblings in future trailers” -Mac Walters
-You can bang “So many…” aliens -Aaryn Flynn
“Almost too many” -Michael Gamble
-FPS on consoles will be 30. No FPS limit on PC, with the possible exception of cutscenes -Aaryn Flynn and Michael Gamble
-The Ryder shown in the video is the default face for male Ryder -Michael Gamble
-The amount of information shown will increase by a lot after N7 day" -Yanick Roy 

Like my last news post, I’ll update with any new bits of news that might come out in the near future!