I took apart the Miley Cyrus music video frame by frame and pixel sorted all 5,304 frames individually. Then once they were all sorted i put them back together as a video and encoded it with audio. the output is a full motion pixel sorted music video!

I’ve been in such shock these passed few days that I haven’t been able to find the words to explain how this feels. Although, explaining how completely amazing you are seems to be the perfect words instead. And you were exactly that Jerritt, completely amazing in every way. Your heart, your mind, your creativity you find in everything. You will never slip from my memories of our childhood, nor will the long conversations at 4am slip away. And those conversation’s were in fact the best.. the honesty and emotion that you weren’t afraid to speak on was always so real. One of the biggest things about you was the creativity you were able find in every little thing; and it will forever blow me away in the greatest way possible. Sitting here typing away at this post makes me wonder how this would be if it were the other way around.. and it makes me so glad that I know if it were vise versa you would not know where to end this post and nor would you want to.. just like myself. I love you to no ends Jerritt Van Es. My brother in Christ you will always be. Rest In Paradise my sweet friend, I will see you soon ❤️