n64 is the shit

  • character in nier automata: ...and if the game is a little too hard, feel free to bump it down to easy!
  • me, narrowing my eyes: does that thing this character just said have massive lore implications that will be revealed later down the line or am i just overthinking a simple piece of tutorial dialogue? this is a yoko taro game. it could go either way. a character in-universe talking about changing the game difficulty COULD be a massive lore thing or it could just be yoko taro being weird and thinking that it's still okay to have characters in games say things like that. is this a stroke of genius with massive lore implications or is it just yoko taro being hokey and doing some n64-era shit??? i have no fucking idea.

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ooh N64, PC & NES

N64: if you could live in any game universe what would you pick and why

I’m gonna be a basic bitch and say Pokemon cuz most other game universes are nightmarish hellscapes for everyone but the protagonist but Pokemon is cool for everyone!

PC: favorite villain

Handsome Jack. I feel like Gearbox almost didn’t realize how fucking amazing and complex of a villain he is which is why even after they killed him off every piece of Borderlands content has still included him

  NES: favorite video game character

RN it’s Bigby from The Wolf Among Us because he’s basically aesthetic goals for the weirdest reasons like I just want to be a despised police chief trying to make his city a better place while getting the shit kicked out of him and growing rad facial hair. Is that too much to ask?

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Hey Rev! I'm been a fan of Vinesauce for a good while now, but I feel like I'm really missing out on the content the other streamers have to offer. I was wondering, could you do a short summary of what everyone does when they stream? I'd really like to check them all out when I have the time. Thanks!

Alrighty! You can get links to everyone’s channels via www.vinesauce.com though Vinny Joel and I do the most stuff on youtube everyone else is pretty damn active on Twitch.

KY: Does a lot of indie games and talks music from time to time. Good if you want a streamer that will make you think. He will find a game you have never heard of and make you love it.

Joel: Metalhead hipster with a high energy humor know for emulating versions of windows and getting as many viruses on it as possible.

Direboar: I haven’t seen a Direboar stream in a while mainly because the dude streams at really bad hours for me. I think he recently finished Bloodborn and is moving on to the newest Dark Souls.

Vinny: Chill dude with a pension to ramp up when he is doing something particularly odd. Well known for “corruptions” which fundamentally mess with the code of NES SNES and N64 games for hilarious results. I can’t really describe the weird shit that goes down.

Limes: Again streams at times that aren’t really easy for me to catch but is a good streamer. She does a balance of cutesy stuff and brutal mayhem that makes for a fun stream.

Jen: Chill as fuck. Not afraid to tell it like it is. Besides Overwatch I think she has become completely absorbed by Stardew Valley and Rupaul’s drag race.

Rev: I play really fucked up flash games and have a dry absurdist sense of humor. If you search the “RevScarecrow” tag on tumblr you can find a shit ton of stuff related to me.

Hootey: Genuinely one of the smartest and kindest people I’ve ever met. Which is why I like to fuck with him. Recently he has gotten super into the speed running scene and is really good at Punch Out and Ninja Gaiden 2.

Fred: A good guy with a down to earth kinda stream. Last I saw he was streaming Starcraft 2 and his calculus homework.

Imakuni: Loves Sonic and Persona. Those kinda games are her thing. Her energy level is either at a solid 1 or a 20 on a 10 point scale.

FearGingers: Has a shit internet connection now and basically doesn’t stream much any more but is a good guy. On the rare occasion that his stream is live I’d recommend watching it. It will be another few months before you see him again.

Darren: Is consistently drunk and plays mostly open world games. Kinda rare that I catch a Darren stream now just because of the times he streams.

GeePM: #buffstuff #plur Total sweetheart and a great entertainer. He’s a fairly recent addition to the group but has been around the community for years. Miiverse hell is I think his biggest draw which I haven’t seen much of but he has a knack for combing through Miiverse and finding the absolute worst shit. It’s great.

That’s the shortest descriptions of what everyone does that I can give right now. If people wanna sound off in the comments and add to it I’d appreciate it.

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Answered your call for a pick-up from a drunken party even though you’re my brother’s friend and I’ve only met you once because it sounded like you really needed to get out of there AU? Sterek please? (:

Stiles groans when the sound of the phone ringing jolts him out of his ADHD fueled research binge.

“Hello?” He grumbles.

“Uh? Hi? Is Scott there? He told me I could call this number if I couldn’t reach him at his normal one.”

Stiles rolls his eyes. Amazingly, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Stiles ends up giving out Scott’s number to his friends all the time too.

“Nope. Sorry, he’s on a date right now.”

“Oh, okay, sorry to bother you. I guess I’ll just figure something out.”

Stiles doesn’t know what inspires him to do it, but maybe it’s because the guy sounds so damn lost or maybe it’s because he knows Scott will probably kill him if he doesn’t help.

“Hey, no, what’s going on? Maybe I could help.”

The guy sighs, “I’m just at this party and I only agreed to go because Scott wanted someone there for our friend. He’s doing fine of course, having a good time for once and I don’t want to ruin that for him, but I’m-“

Stiles can read between the lines. Something else happened and he needs to leave. Stiles has been there, way too many times actually.

“Where you at? I’ll come pick you up.”

The guy heaves a sigh of relief, but still sounds tense as he gives Stiles his address.

“I’ll be there in ten.”

Stiles pulls on a pair of sweats and heads out the door as quickly as he can.

As soon as he pulls up he’s pretty sure who the guy is.  

There are several groups of people smoking, but there’s one guy slumped against a wall away from anyone else.

Stiles approaches him slowly. “Uh, Scott’s friend?”

The guy looks up and nods, and of course, this is the guy Stiles has been crushing on from afar for months now ever since they had that class together.

“I’m Stiles,” he says as he offers the guy (Derek, his brain kindly supplies) a hand to stand.

“Derek,” the man replies as he uses Stiles’ hand to leverage himself up.

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