遅れる (おくれる ; okureru) - to be late, overdue, delayed

  • (~に)遅れる - be late for/to ~
  • 遅 = slow, late 
  • more general term for “being late” which can be used in all situations vs. 遅刻 (chikoku) which is only for decided appointments or times
  • ex. あなたはいつも遅れる。(anata wa itsumo okureru) - You are always late.
  • ex. バスに乗り遅れるな。(basu ni nori okureru na) - Don’t be late to ride the bus. 
  • ex. 8時に家を出たが、1時間目の授業に10分も遅れてしまった。(hachi ji ni ie wo deta ga, ichi jikan me no jugyou ni jyuppun mo okurete shimatta) - I left the house at 8 and yet I was still as much as 10 minutes late to my first period class.
  • ex. 月曜日にはバスはたいてい遅れます。(getsuyoubi ni wa basu wa taitei okuremasu) - The bus is usually late on Mondays.
  • ex. 先生は私に授業に遅れるなと注意した。(sensei wa watashi ni jugyou ni okureru na to chuui shita) - Teacher warned me not to be late for class. 
  • ex. 遅れてすみません。(okurete sumimasen) - Sorry for being late.