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I've been following you for some time but your arts are really beautiful and inspiring! Please keep up the great work and I can't wait to see more! ❤ Congrats on 2K+!!

Awwwh thank you so much!!! ;c;
I’ll keep trying to improve~

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omg if you're feeling very anxious and want to watch something rly cute and therapeutic, try Miniature Space on youtube! they cook mini dishes of japanese and western food/desserts with mini kitchen sets!!

ooo i love mini space!! I think i’ll watch them instead hehe thank you!!

To: Ena!

Message: I walked through hell (by that i mean hunted through so many buddyfight eps) to make this possible and learned a lot along the way.

by a lot, i mean that i don’t know how to write tasuku.

anyway, merry christmas! hope you like it ^o^

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you, legendary brave tasuku, are, well, legendary. so why, exactly, is such an ordinary hero your partner?

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a really big pixiv favorite rn is actually ibukuro [ibuki and chrono]

I forgot about Ibuki. End me.

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You make it sound like it hasn’t happened yet.

Stares. Squints.

It’s nothing compared to the when the generational harems collide. [YTAS Yami voice] All the homo!