15 minute art challenge on Weibo!
Since there wasn’t any theme I drew Hotarumaru OwO!
Then let’s tag someone to join:
roirence n4391
If you would like to play I would surely like to see your art OwO!! It’s ok if you’re busy wwwww

PS. I got my Hotarumaru at last from my workshop with Tsurumaru as leader!! 500 600 600 500 has got me two rare swords already, I’m so delighted!!!(The other one is Hitofuri (I found Tsurumaru at the 5-4 boss point, twice ( I really think I’m better at finding swords instead of forging them, I’ve been getting 1:30 for a week already :3 (On the other hand I’ve found 3 Samonjis at 5-4 before it was even marked :3

To: Ena!

Message: I walked through hell (by that i mean hunted through so many buddyfight eps) to make this possible and learned a lot along the way.

by a lot, i mean that i don’t know how to write tasuku.

anyway, merry christmas! hope you like it ^o^

posted here (ao3!)

you, legendary brave tasuku, are, well, legendary. so why, exactly, is such an ordinary hero your partner?