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someone touched on it, but they left out Yuu’s explanation to why he was “looking west” to Shinoa on the rooftop. (Bc West is where Sanguinem and Mika are etc..)

YEY E I NOTICED THAT TOO. i was sitting there waiting for him to say “i was looking west, that’s where mika should be” or smth similar i forget the exact words

i just. they’re leaving out so much it’s painful. even in the previous episode w/ yuu vs asura, so much was left out and i could go on forever tbh

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Just as a fun ask who are the mods favorite IDOLiSH7 and TRIGGER members? And which are your favorite card illustrations? (Thanks for the hard work btw!)

[Sneeze] Favorite IDOLiSH7 member is Yamato and favorite TRIGGER member is Gaku! Favorite card illustrations are [Unit] SSR Yamato and [Halloween] SSR Iori.

[Haru] Favorite IDOLiSH7 member is Iori and favorite TRIGGER member is Gaku! Favorite card illustrations are [Unit] SSR Nagi and [Middle of Rehearsal ~ On Air] SSR Gaku.

[Cindy] Favorite IDOLiSH7 member is Sougo and favorite TRIGGER member is Ten! Favorite card illustrations are [Indoor Fes] SSR Sougo and [Halloween] SSR Sougo.

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Congrats! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

THANK YOU! I’m so excited, it’s a $1.50 raise and even though Gamestops a kinda crappy place to work, I’m really moving up there~ And I now am allowed to tell customers they have to leave the store if they act like asshats!

I’m so happy, you have no idea <3 <3 <3

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I've been following you for some time but your arts are really beautiful and inspiring! Please keep up the great work and I can't wait to see more! ❤ Congrats on 2K+!!

Awwwh thank you so much!!! ;c;
I’ll keep trying to improve~

To: Ena!

Message: I walked through hell (by that i mean hunted through so many buddyfight eps) to make this possible and learned a lot along the way.

by a lot, i mean that i don’t know how to write tasuku.

anyway, merry christmas! hope you like it ^o^

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you, legendary brave tasuku, are, well, legendary. so why, exactly, is such an ordinary hero your partner?