me: i only wanted to post it after i’ve done other divine gate parodies



so here we are

(i started playing divine gate a month ago and they actually have crossovers so i thought…buddyfight and vanguard characters as units…… his element would be light, and maybe he went through the divine gate to get stronger…)

sketch/colouring by me, lineart by @n4391

(this was the sketch like holy shit ena thank you for making something out of my. nothing)

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I’ve gathered mostly everyone to give you this.

I give you, everyone who sees this, and everybody else, the cat of awesome.

It shall protect you from chain mail, eat your enemies, give you angel face roses, and tell you you’re awesome.

Because you are awesome. and don’t let anyone put you down.

I’ve seen snails go from one end of my yard to the other, but i’ve never seen a rock do that. 

Awesome cat is proud of you for being able to keep moving no matter your pace. 

Keep achieving, keep moving. Awesome cat says you’re doing awesome.

Give yourself a hug because you deserve it!

Have a awesome day everyone! 


***EDIT: Added Mitsuki and Nagi!! (1/5/17)
New holiday based “King Pudding” Ichiban Kuji icon set for friends and followers! Feel free to use but please give me credit if you can!
Good luck getting your favs!
(If you have a request for a character that I didn’t draw, leave a message and I’ll see what I can do!)
Single files under the cut!

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