Jennifer Damiano, Alice Ripley and Aaron Tveit sing Superboy and the Invisible Girl for the first time in six years. <3


Name: Marion

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Place: New England, USA

Orientation(s): Asexual/Aromantic

Looking for: friends and maybe a qpr

About: Hi! My name is Marion and I’m just…uh…ridiculously geeky I guess. I love Star Trek, LOTR, Dragon Age, Hamilton, Les Mis, n2n, Doctor Who and much more! I also love to write but end up spending most of my time world building (I’m looking at you conlangs!). I also write fanfics, and I do colorguard (a sport in which you spin flags and other implements). Yeah…I don’t really know what to put here. Basically, I’m really geeky and I can be really awkward when you first talk to me but I promise I get better over time :)

Tumblr: @i-am-but-a-simple–tailor

@keikokimuras tagged me to make a playlist of 5-10 musical theatre songs that deeply resonated with me! And here it is! (It was shamefully easy!)

It All Comes Back - Fun Home
The Spelling Rules/My Favorite Moment of the Bee - 25th Annual
What If - If/Then
If You Knew My Story- Bright Star
Me and the Sky - Come From Away
A Little Bit Less Than - It Shoulda Been You
Old Friends - Merrily We Roll Along
Light - N2N
Nine People’s Favorite Thing - Title
Of Show
The Life I Never Led - Sister Act
The Secret of Happiness - Daddy Long Legs

anonymous asked:


6. What role would you want to play that you’d never be able to?

EMCEE or Gabe from n2n

25. What movie do you want to see turned into a musical?

Bridget Jones Diary tbh or the great gatsby

33. What song always makes you cry?

She used to be mine from Waitress