What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Next to Normal is a modern masterpiece. The heart wrenching show is truly one of the best of its age. It is one of the most moving and interesting musicals anyone could watch. It’s modern and honest take on mental illness and how it affects a family is SO IMPORTANT, not to mention the music is extremely likable. Alice Ripley’s performance in this show is absolutely breath taking. The way you can hear the pain in her voice can bring me to my knees in prayer. Her character demonstrates what it means to suffer from severe mental illness that you feel you cannot get away from. Aaron Tveit as Gabe Goodman is one of the best things on this planet. His voice is completely orgasmic. The way he lets his character play with your mind so that you’re almost rooting for him is completely genius and its a sheer demonstration of his endless talent. Also Jennifer Damiano is so beautiful and talented. Her character is so smart and is a perfect demonstration of what it can feel like to live in a dysfunctional family. Next to Normal is truly everything and needs to be cherished like the beautiful musical it is. 

“Musicals are never inappropriate.”

*Aggressively shoves Spring Awakening at you*

“Musicals are too happy”

*backflips and hands you the Next to Normal CD*

“Why do they randomly burst into song?”

*does magic trick to reveal Cabaret*

“Musicals have boring classical music”

*bursts into confetti that spells out RENT*

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rock star - a collection of hardcore showtunes that are perfect for head banging

the house of borden - lizzie // rent - rent // angry inch - hedwig and the angry inch // rock star - bloody bloody andrew jackson // st. jimmy - american idiot // on monday - 35mm: a musical exhibition // light of the world - godspell // are you there? - bare: a pop opera // kick your ass - the toxic avenger // you don’t know - next to normal // i am the one - next to normal // mouth tattoo - murder ballad // last night on earth - american idiot // exquisite corpse - hedwig and the angry inch // one - bare: a pop opera // totally fucked - spring awakening // into your wildest dream - lizzie //