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Hi! Could you write n29 for the FS prompt list? Thanky you! <3

Here you go, Anon! Sorry for the long wait. This is short, sweet, and pure pregnant fs fluff. 💕 Enjoy!

#29: “God, you are so beautiful.

The halls were quiet, the staff all gone off to their late night lives. The longer he walked down the hallway the darker the walkway became, until finally the entrance of the lab beamed out into the dark abyss he was starting to adjust to.

Fitz walked into the lab, the lights striking his eyes in a sudden yet refreshing way, and his ears instantly filled with the most beautiful sound of a hum that echoed the facility. Fitz felt a soft smile creep on his face as he saw Jemma sitting on the stool at her and Fitz’s area of the lab. Her hand stroked her rounded, swollen belly as she hummed her favorite lullabies to herself.

Fitz stood there, silently, content to just watch his wife be at peace. She was his wife, pregnant with their baby. He never would’ve thought, out of the hundreds of obstacles the bloody cosmos had thrown at them, that they would be here. Safe. Together.

Jemma turned just slightly, looking over her shoulder to see her smiling husband. She gave him a smirk before looking back at her work. “You’re up late.”

Fitz took that as his cue to approach. With his hands in his pockets he walked to her side, glancing at her report she was working on for the morning.

Fitz shrugged. “Couldn’t sleep.”

She looked up, chin raised, brow furrowed. “You’re not having nightmares again are you-?”

Fitz laid a gentle hand on her shoulder and wagged his head, a reassuring face right along with it. “M’fine, Jemma. Nothin’ like that. Just couldn’t sleep without… well, you.”

Jemma’s worried expression turned into a loving one. “Always the romantic, aren’t we?”

Fitz scoffed a little through his nose. “More like always the worrier. I couldn’t bother sleeping not knowing if you were safe.”

“Oh Fitz,” Jemma turned her stool around so she could angle her body towards him. “Last time I checked, there wasn’t any space rocks lying around.”

He raised a brow, a playful look planted on his lips. “You know what I mean, Jemma.” He let out a deep sigh, his hand now resting on her stomach. He rubbed circles around, gazing down at his unborn child.

“Fitz,” she grabbed his hand, meeting his eyes. He found himself lost in her caramel gaze, nothing able to bring him out of it but her. “We’re not going anywhere.”

Fitz nodded, the blue of his irises swimming with memories. “I know.” He let out a shaky breath, his hand stroking her belly once more. “Doesn’t hurt to be cautious, does it?”

Jemma rolled her eyes at him, but the genuine and loving look in her eyes spoke differently. She understood, she knew just how he felt. “Can you believe it? In three months she’s going to be here. We can hold her and kiss her, sing to her, love her…”

Jemma was holding her belly, looking down at her rounded stomach when Fitz got down on his knees, meeting her belly at eye level. He wrapped his arms around her as he pressed his lips to the top of her stomach, a long lingering kiss before pulling away and meeting Jemma’s gaze again.

“I bet she has your​ eyes,” he muttered into the stretched fabric of her shirt.

Jemma ran a hand through his soft curls, playing with the ringlets that came out through her combing. “And your curls.”

Fitz oggled up at her, her eyes sparkling in the low light, her face beaming. He took in a deep breath, his chin resting on her belly. He was in awe of her. Sometimes he couldn’t believe she could possibly be someone he could call his. “God, you are so beautiful.”

Jemma’s beam turned more into a softly tinted blush, her fingers still mindlessly playing with his curls. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

He searched her, just taking in this moment of serenity and pure bliss. “I love you, Jemma Fitzsimmons.”

She grinned down at him, her thumb brushing his cheek. “And I love you, Leopold Fitzsimmons.”

Fitz rested his lips on her swollen belly once again, his eyes clamping shut.

They weren’t going anywhere, and neither was he.

They were in this together.

As a family.

They sat there in peaceful silence, until finally, they decided sleep was best. Fitz grabbed her hand, and they walked to their quarters hand in hand.

Husband and wife.



And nothing was going to change that - never again.

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Psychology through K-dramas

Labeling Theory

Introduced by Becker, Lemert, and Tannebaum, the theory states that society’s influence on a subject directs their outcome. A person given a label over time will take on the characteristics of that label.

As stated by Lee Joon Young, a person called pretty from birth will believe they are pretty. A person called stupid from birth will believe they are stupid. A person who is called a monster/criminal from birth will believe they are a monster/criminal.

Becker states, “ Social groups create deviance by applying those rules to particular people and labeling them as outsiders…deviance is not a quality of the act the person commits, but rather a consequence of the application by others of rules and sanctions to an offender,”(Maddan & Marshall, 2009, p 254).

The theory basically states that free will is given up as soon as a label is place on a person, allowing for determinism to take over. 


Maddan, S., & Marshall,I. (2009), Labeling and symbolic interaction theories. In J Miller (Ed.), 21st Century criminology: A reference handbook. (p. 253-262). Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications, Inc. doi: 10.4135/9781412971997.n29

Northern Royal Necropolis of Meroë (Sudan).
On the foreground, at right, the ruins of three Pyramid Temples:
(from right to left) the Pyramid Temple of King Takideamani (N30),
the Pyramid Temple of an unidentified King (N29),
and the Pyramid Temple of King Teqerideamani I (II century CE, N28).
Beyond them, the three Pyramid Temples N27, N26, N25 (unidentified, the names of the Kings and/or Queens are unknown).
On the background, at right, the Pyramid Temple (N1) of Queen/Kandake Amanitore (I century CE)

Question: What the heck did I do on the N29 last weekend?!

Answer: Nothing I made it home so late on Saturday night/Sunday morning I caught the first 121 of the day.

It might be a good thing I’m not completely to blame for the resturcturing of the N29 route. I am however eternally thankful TFL address’ all these ‘important’ emails to me. It almost feels that they are accusing me of being one of the miscreants that cause all the mayhem. It makes me wish I ran the show. It could use a we bit of a tender touch from someone who isn’t a complacent tool.

There must be HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of people each weekend that don’t pay fares.

Maybe with all this additional revenue they will be able to actually improve services…


“Remember, remember, the fifth of November…”

Tonight marks Guy Fawkes Night, the commemoration of the failed Gunpowder Plot. In 1605, Fawkes and his fellow conspirators intended to assassinate King James in the House of Lords. They also sought to kidnap Princess Elizabeth and, following her father’s death, place her on the throne as a Catholic Queen. The plot was thwarted when Fawkes was caught guarding the gunpowder explosives underneath the Palace of Westminster.

A holiday developed around the conspirators’ failure, with people lighting bonfires and fireworks to celebrate. Fawkes himself is often burned in effigy, and he was often a popular topic for caricaturists. 

(images from Horace Mayhew and Percy Cruikshank’s Guy Faux: A Squib (N7436.53 .N29 G89 1849))


92 questions

I was tagged by dementedhacker and now I must answer 92 questions.

1) Answer the following 92 questions.
2) Tag other 5 followers of yours lovely people. 

1) last beverage: Vanilla Milkshake.
2) last phone call: My mother.
3) last text message: Received: ‘Okay, meet me outside.’ Sent: 'Sorry, I won’t be able to make the business meeting next Friday.’
4) last song you listened to: I Will Not Bow – Breaking Benjamin
5) last time you cried: Last night, I’m a little sheepish to admit..


6) dated someone twice: No –that sounds like it’d be pretty messy..
7) been cheated on: Not to my knowledge?
8) kissed someone and regretted it: Yes…Hasn’t everyone though?
9) lost someone special: Yes.
10) been depressed: Valiantly fighting depression for 8 years now.
11) been drunk and threw up: Totally not something I did a couple of weeks ago..


12) Black
13) Blue
14) Grey


15) made a new friend: Indeedy!
16) fallen in love: No.
17) laughed until you cried: Ohyes. xD
18) met someone who changed you: No
19) found out who your true friends are: I already know who my true friends are.
20) found out someone was talking about you: Yup.
21) kissed anyone in your FB friends list: Uhh…. no?


22) how many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: Most of them. There are one or two that are friend of friends.
23) do you have any pets: 2 huskies, 1 parrot, 2 lil birdies.
24) do you want to change your name: Sort of. I’m not happy with it but I don’t know if I’d go that far.
25) what did you do on your last birthday: Nothing special. Went to work, and then relaxed at home.
26) what time did you wake up today: 8am. After going to bed at 4am, that was probably a bad idea.
27) what were you doing at midnight last night: Something I’m not proud of.
28) name something you CANNOT wait for: C O M I C O N
29) last time you saw your mother: About 4 hours ago??
30) what is one thing you would want to change in your life? Whatever happened in my life to make me so spineless. 
31) what are you listening to right now: FFX music.
32) have you ever talked to a person named Tom? Plenty of people named Tom!
33) who is getting on your nerves right now: No-one. It takes a lot to get on my nerves really.
34) most visited webpage: Tumblr~
35) blood type: ????
36) nickname: Sammy, Shrimp.
37) relationship status: Single pringle
38) zodiac sign: Cancer
39) pronouns: Female
40) Elementary: St. Mary’s Church of England Primary
41) high school: Highworth Grammar School for Girls
42) college: London South Bank (40-42 British equivalent!)
43) hair color: Natural Black
44) long or short: Short
45) height: 5’ 6,
46) do you have a crush on someone: No
47) what do you like about yourself: I’m easy to talk to.
48) tattoos: A wing on my back, a tribal knife on my calf, 'One Day More’ written across forearm.
49) righty or lefty: Righty 
50) first surgery: Removing stubborn baby teeth.
51) first piercing: Earrings.
52) First best friend: A little, real life irish leprechaun named Eilis.
53) First sport you joined: Wrestling.
54) First vacation: America –Florida to be precise.
55) First pair of trainers: I don’t remember??


56) eating: Nothing
57) drinking: Nothing
58) I’m about to: Try and desperately write some more drafts.
59) listening to: …FFX music??
60) waiting for: COMICON
61) want kids: Nuh-uh. Not for me. 
62) get married: Not my thing, either.
63) career: Would like to act.


64) lips or eyes: Eyes.
65) hugs or kisses: I'n not the most affectionate of people, but I guess hugs?
66) shorter or taller: Taller, but really I don’t mind.
67) older or younger: Not important, but if I had to pick, older.
68) romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous. I’m not one for candlelit suppers..
69) nice stomach or nice arms: Um… I don’t really care?? If I love someone, I’m going to thing everything about them is nice so??
70) sensitive or loud: Sensitive.
71) hook-up or relationship: Relationship
72) trouble maker or hesitant: Hesistant, with inklings of trouble-making.


73) kissed a stranger: No, but a stranger has kissed me.
74) drank hard liquor: Often.
75) lost glasses/contacts: Mmhm.
76) sex on first date: nO.
77) broke someone’s heart: I’m pretty sure I have.
78) had your heart broken: Yes
79) been arrested: Nope. 
80) turned someone down: yes.
81) cried when someone died: Yes 
82) Fallen for a friend: Yes. It worked out pretty well for a while


83) yourself: Rarely.
84) miracles: No
85) love at first sight: No
86) heaven: I don’t know.
87) Santa Claus: No
88) kiss on the first date: Nuh-uh.
89) angels: No
90) someone changing your life in one meet-up: Yes
91) hell: I don’t know
92) God: I’m Agnostic, which means I don’t disbelieve, but I don’t particularly believe either.

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