Direct Action Against Deutsche Bank! LA: #N29 #FortLucero

Alto a los desalojos! Halt the Foreclosures!

When: November 29th, 2012, actions beginning at 8:30am (meetup times earlier)
Where: Due to security reasons, location will be disclosed on November 29th, 2012. Please contact or see below for more details, meetup times and locations, etc.
Contact info: Facebook event | Facebook page | E-mail: FortLucero@gmail.com

After residing in East Los Angeles for 15 years, the Lucero family faces eviction by the Sheriffs Department following a questionable foreclosure by Deutsche Bank. The Luceros made payments towards a loan modification on time, but Deutsche Bank refuses to help the family stay in their home. Homeowner Margarita Lucero explains, “I just want to keep my home and I want the bank to accept the payment plan they promised me. I want to keep my family together.” The German bank is currently facing several lawsuits by the U.S. Government and the City of Los Angeles for their participation in fraud and blight conditions in Los Angeles. They are now under fire from Occupy Los Angeles.

This Thursday, a coalition involving Occupy LA, Occupy Fights Foreclosures, Occupy Whittier, and Community Members of East Los Angeles will take part in an organized civil disobedience action. A rally will take place where multiple L.A. homeowners and Deutsche Bank clients will share their stories. Street performances will be staged.

For background on #FortLucero and Occupy Fights Foreclosures, check out this article on LA Activist: Foreclosure revolt spreads to East LA.

Find out how to get help or volunteer to fight evictions in LA: Occupy Fights Foreclosures. Elsewhere, to find out about similar eviction defense campaigns in dozens of cities across the U.S., check out Occupy Our Homes and find out more about the OOH National Day of Action on December 6th.

If you aren’t in LA and want to support the action and Lucero family, call or fax Deutche Bank and tell them to let the Luceros stay!
TEL: 212-250-2500
FAX: 212-797-0291

Question: What the heck did I do on the N29 last weekend?!

Answer: Nothing I made it home so late on Saturday night/Sunday morning I caught the first 121 of the day.

It might be a good thing I’m not completely to blame for the resturcturing of the N29 route. I am however eternally thankful TFL address’ all these ‘important’ emails to me. It almost feels that they are accusing me of being one of the miscreants that cause all the mayhem. It makes me wish I ran the show. It could use a we bit of a tender touch from someone who isn’t a complacent tool.

There must be HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of people each weekend that don’t pay fares.

Maybe with all this additional revenue they will be able to actually improve services…

Cops roll up with mysterious black truck and a bouncy house to get down a man hanging from a stop light to protest fraudulent home foreclosure with Fort Lucero. Area has been declared a “crime scene” and protesters and the media have been moved, and Santa Monica Blvd westbound is shut down. See the livestream here

Night bus

Nah serious READ. this guy on the bus gettin beat up by this girl tellin him he ain’t shit, she got a boyfriend, slapping him in the face an shit. He turns to me I say “nah.. I woulda drapes’d her up an threw her off the bus, threw her bag out the window”, he laughs, turns round an continues to get beat up. All the while their talking in French. He takes his frustration out on the seats, punching em, making noise but still did nothing. He started a generic “where did you go tonight?” convo to avoid her but to no avail. They BOTH got up to get off the bus an I said jokingly, “make sure you don’t end up in prison tonight”. As soon as the bus started moving he landed a mean right hook to her chin, she hit the deck (obviously) at that same moment a police van, flashin lights and everything, pulled up and rushed him to the floor. Another French speakin guy on the bus said he understood them an how she was his babymother. Out of the whole ordeal I got 3 things. 1 - keep ya mouth shut if it ain’t ya business, 2 - don’t try impress strangers by breatin up your babymother, 3 - if you really must beat your babymother, do it when you get indoors.


I decided to share my entire Gale Harold collection of photos to clear my hard drive a bit. I have almost five hundreds of them. Some of pictures have watermarks of their respected owners, most of them are found on the Internet over the years and uncredited. I will publish 10 photos a day, it will give me something to do for a couple of months…

This is post N29.