First steps of my process!
This is my first time ever taking a video of my process! Also my first time editing any kind of video, so thank you for your patience as I learn better editi...

I made my first little time lapse! It’s very n00bish because I don’t quite know how to edit yet, but please watch and give me some constructive crit! I also hope it helps shed a bit more light on my process.

Breakout NPC from my first official/proper session as a DM—Adalard the ferret shopkeeper! (actually a wizard) I had no idea where my players would end up shopping (I had quite a few options prepared), but I hoped they would stop by and meet this guy…and huzzah! They loved ‘im! Wonder if the “Stitch voice” helped. ;3 I know we all lost it when, after asking the party wizard a question and getting sidetracked by DM matters for a minute, I abruptly jumped back into character by squealing, “YAAAAY!”

(In any case, I think the first “real” session went as well as it could go for someone as n00bish as I am foolishly attempting to run a homebrew campaign. My players are super awesome, helpful and patient, and were great at getting into character and role-playing almost everything we did; my kinda game! I will surely draw more as things progress. I do hope they’re having as much fun as I am~ :3c)

Soo I have 2 questions because im still fairly n00bish in the comic book department.

Do these “Spider-man / Deadpool” comics happen in the Ultimate universe, the 616 universe or are they just their own separate little thing? (And is it true that 616 is the more “canon” universe) 

And also when is the 4th issue coming out? (It’s this week right??) ?