n.w.a. movie

Straight Outta Compton (2015):

Should I Watch this Show?: Unless you are right wing - bible thumping white middle class suburban parent, You need to see this.

What Should I Know?: Actually though, you need to see this. Much like the original group, there’s so much honesty and politics. So this isn’t another musical biopic like Never Say Never, or Part of Me, or even the recent Amy. This follows an artists’ story, but then, like a history essay, ties it back to why it’s important, and means something today.

If you're afraid that it might be like a musical, it’s not. 

If you’re afraid it might be like a documentary, it’s not.

If you’re afraid it’s going to be a big political statement, it’s not.

What it is, is a damn good film.

Graphicness 1-10: 9.2/10  I mean, every other word is fuck this, fuck that, fuck the police. Language is an 8.5/10 but not obnoxious, and not profane just for shits and giggles. Definitely Nudity (all girls) & yes full frontal. There is very real violence in this. All sorts of gang related, but also footage derived and recreating the LA riots. Heads Up: it packs a punch.

Awesomeness 1-10: 9.7/10. (I don’t even think Mad Max got that High a Number from Me.) This is not a movie. It’s a cinematic experience, which has been lost in recent film. 

Writing: Like their music, raw, brutally honest, uncensored, impactful. With Dre & Ice Cube producing the film, you know they aren’t gonna fill it with any lies, bias, or bs. Also, let’s talk about the title for a minute and who’s story they’re really telling. It’s not focused not the group. It’s not focused on favoring Dre & Ice Cube. This is ultimately Eazy-E’s story. It’s how it starts, how it ends, who drives the relationships of everyone, and who’s memoriam it is.

Cinematography: Beautiful. Edgy. Smart. But Matthew Libatique is known for that (see Black Swan, 23, Requim for a Dream, Iron Man(s) ) so it was pretty self explanitory the camera work would be fab.

Wit & Cameo Movements: Oh my god. Impeccable. All sorts of subtle nods and odes to the original group, their world, a hint of self awareness, and even modern connections. 

Performances: Well, having to play your dad, and having him as a resource, on a professional, and personal level, is saying hell of a lot. So well done to  O’Shea Jackson (Jr./Sr.). The entire ensemble stunned with both the physical likeness and quality of performance, especially with the character depth. So to CD Cindy Tolan, good fucking job.

Score: if you expected the score here to be mediocre, you are the type of person that needs to not exist. Entirely comprised of music from the featured artists (N.W.A, tupac, Snoop Dogg, etc.) it dictated a great sense of authenticity, which was furthered with having the actors rerecord the songs. Also, the juxtaposition of lyrics timed with the editing made for amazing double meanings as well as transitions.

Other Things You Should Know: 

Her name is Alexandra Shipp, she’s beautiful, and you may have seen her in the other Hip-Hop R&B Biopic, Aaliyah. 

I had the pleasure of working with Aldis Hodge (MC Ren) on Leverage when i was 12 and yes I’m 100% fangirling.

This is a very important hint to an excellent moment.

Just watch this movie, please.

Bump Gangster rap when you leave the theater. 

You will love and hate all the characters at some point.

Eazy will destroy you (even when he’s being a douche wad).

The news clips and riot sequence are impactful af.

Stay for the credits, I repeat stay for the credits.

And there you have it folks.