This poem is a transformed piece inspired from the source text She married me written by Nizar Qabbani, translated in to English. 

The transformation process involves a bit of background information from the inspired poet. When Nizar was 15 years old, his older sister 25 years old at the time, commit suicide because she refused to marry a man she did not love. This poem can be seen as a transformed piece from his sister’s point of view.

When Nizar Qabbani was asked whether he was a revolutionary, the poet answered: “Love in the Arab world is like a prisoner, and I want to set (it) free. I want to free the Arab soul, sense and body with my poetry. The relationships between men and women in our society are not healthy.”



The following is an excerpt from Rosanne Cashs article, taken by Sopan Deb‏

What she wrote reminded me of her father. So, I can’t believe anyone would have the audacity to say such a nasty thing about her when they have no right to speak of her or John that way. She has her father’s passion and conviction, the same he demonstrated in his activism for prison reform and support of Native Americans. I’m proud of her for taking a stance – like John had with his convictions, in a time where people harshly disagreed him and he was faced with ignorance and threats of violence too.

So along with the excerpt above, I’d like to share another from the same article:

“ I encourage more artists in country and American roots music to end your silence. It is no longer enough to separate yourself quietly. The laws the N.R.A. would pass are a threat to you, your fans, and to the concerts and festivals we enjoy. The stakes are too high to not disavow collusion with the N.R.A. Pull apart the threads of patriotism and lax gun laws that it has so subtly and maliciously intertwined. They are not the same. 

I know you’ll be bullied for speaking out. This is how they operate. Not everyone will like you for taking a stand. Let it roll off your back. Some people may burn your records or ask for refunds for the tickets to your concerts. Whatever. Find the strength of moral conviction, even if it comes with a price tag, which it will. Don’t let them bully you into silence. That’s where their power lies – in the silence of rational voices and in the apathy of those who can speak truth to power. ”

Read more, Rosanne Cash: Country Musicians, Stand Up to the N.R.A. By Rosanne Cash, October 3rd, 2017. / The New York Times.

Photo: “The First And The Worst,” a benefit concert where musicians performed their best and worst songs to raise money for “Music Health Alliance.” A non-profit organization that seeks to provide healthcare and health resources to musicians, songwriters, and artists in the music industry. By Rick Diamond, at City Winery, Nashville, TN, March 1, 2017. / Getty.

An Englishman's View on the N.R.A's response to a Horrific American Tragedy

“Defeat Obama.
Defend Freedom.
N. R. A.”

Are you kidding me?! Obama is asking Congress to accept and pass a bill against the selling of Army grade automatic and semi-automatic weapons and to ban the selling of the ammunition those guns fire! It’s a step in the right direction for better gun laws and in no way shape or form impedes on US freedom.
Wayne LaPierre is a fool and an imbecile.

“The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun. Is a good guy with a gun”

Or maybe you could crack down on those “bad guys” opportunities to use Army grade weaponry against children by working on stricter modernised gun laws rather than glorifying one sentence that was written over two hundred years ago that was only enforced because the British came over to the states in hordes and tried to take back the Americas. I’m not attacking the constitution nor the bill of rights. I just think that in a modern world America needs a modern approach to gun restrictions.

Rant over. I’m all for Obama’s new bill and hope that Congress see it as a step forward than two hundred and twelve steps back.

Donald J. Trump said Wednesday that people on the terror watch list should be barred from buying firearms, putting himself in the center of a gun-control debate in Congress revived by the worst mass shooting in United States history.

Mr. Trump’s stance, expressed in a Twitter post, departs from the positions of the Republican Party and the National Rifle Association, whose endorsement Mr. Trump frequently boasts about on the campaign trail. His tweet could be read to support measures pushed by Democrats and opposed by Republicans in Congress, reflecting the unusual nuances of the issue, which touches on public safety and civil rights beyond the Second Amendment.

“I will be meeting with the N.R.A., who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no-fly list, to buy guns,” Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, wrote Wednesday morning on Twitter. His comment came three days after 49 people were killed when a gunman who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State stormed an Orlando nightclub.

On the same morning, a group of Democrats took to the Senate floor in a filibuster to protest the lack of improvement in gun safety measures in recent years.

“I’ve had enough,” said Senator Christopher S. Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, who spoke on and off for about six hours on Wednesday. “I couldn’t just come back to the Senate this week and pretend like this is business as usual.”

The Democratic legislation, sponsored by Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, would seek to prevent individuals on the government’s terror watch list from purchasing guns on the recommendation of the Justice Department alone. Ms. Feinstein unsuccessfully proposed a similar measure last year, after 14 people were killed by an Islamic extremist couple in San Bernardino, Calif.

The legislation she is now proposing goes even further, covering not just people on the watch list at the time of purchase, but anyone who had been on the list in the preceding five years. The Orlando gunman, Omar Mateen, had been on the list but was removed after an F.B.I. investigation turned up no evidence that he was plotting any crimes.


The New York Times“Trump and NRA Leaders to Discuss Preventing Gun Sales to People on Terror List.”

Instead of, you know, getting these guns the fuck out of everyone’s hands.