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pretty sure shipping a minor with an adult does make you a bad person but ok

this just in: none of the rohan spin-offs exist anymore and josuke eternally exists as a 16 year-old despite showing up in canon multiple times as an adult

tumblr user officialhigashikatajosuke has been completely destroyed by a single anon on tumblr dot com

(not to mention i make it clear many, many times that i only ship ‘em as adults)

okay, a project update for where i am with ladrien summer:

i have a complete outline at 54 scenes long — some of which seem to be splitting themselves as i write — and am (prose-wise) about 1/10th through

i’m guessing that the fic on ao3 will be about 20 chapters (with ~3 scenes to a chapter, some less and some more), and hoping that, on the whole, this fic will take me a little more than three months to write in full *knocks on wood*

all in all, i have hope ;;

but yeah, this is about what you can probably expect from this fic /o/



Artist Self Rec Tag

When you get this, reply with your favourite five or so drawings, then pass on to about five other artists.

Tagged by @ladywiltshire​! Thank you Tanya you’re such a sweetheart with great art and blog! <3

Looking back at my old arts is always a ride, there’s always some sort of yelling inside my head, like: “that’s not how arms work” “his eyes are NOT red why would you color his eyes red???” “his head is too big what the hick heck is wrong with her legs what” and embarrassment considering that people see my old arts with countless mistakes. But then I turn to my recent arts, and just, “holy shit, i improved?” and I feel some sort of need to thank my old self for not stop drawing despite their mistakes, because that is what causes me to be where I am now.

…To be fair, though, I still feel embarrassment surfing through my old arts. Anyways here comes:

Reverse!Hughes (03APR17)

I didn’t plan this one to be a fully-coloured piece and intended to leave it flat-coloured, but something pushed me to finish it and boy am I proud of it. I really like how I did almost everything here – 1. The proportion! 2. Maes’ expression, you can clearly look how furious he is. 3. The lighting, and the way I used two clashing neon colours (blue and red) to shade, it gives me a metallic aesthetic somehow..? Though there are some aspects I’d like to fix from this piece, this might be my best work yet!

Rain (19MAY17)

A redraw of one of my favourite scene from Brotherhood’s fifth opening. I’ve always adored  how hopeless and sorrowful they made Roy looks, so I tried to recreate the scene with my own style. I used a different colour palette for this - the same palette but with less saturation - and used purple and deep blue to add the ‘cold’ and ‘hopeless’ feels, what can a Flame Alchemist do while it’s raining, after all? I didn’t add my usual shinies because I’m afraid it’d ruin the mood. This wasn’t supposed to be posted yet but since I really like it, here I am.

His Other Daughter (20MAY17)

This also wasn’t supposed to be posted yet, this is queued on my sideblog with two other similar pieces (one is Riza and Al and the other is Roy and Ed). This is really just a self-indulgent fluff because of the lack of work for Maes and Winry’s interaction, and that I’m a sucker for the ‘not blood-related but have a parent-child relationship’ trope. Their expression is what I like the most about this piece, look at how happy and excited they are to see each other! That - and Winry’s hair! It’s always a fun challenge to draw long hair. Their hands are a little too small, though. I used a trick to make this doesn’t look flat don’t tell the police.

Sammy (12MAY17)

An attempt at painting and semi-realistic, and I’d say it turned out really well - compared to my old attempts at painting, anyways. My regret is that I made the line too thick, note to self to not do that when trying to paint next time. Despite that I really like how his hair and the overall piece, this looks… plain? And not nearly as expressive as the first three pieces I chose.


BEFORE YOU SHAME ME LET ME EXPLAIN YOU A THING. This. This piece. This was an attempt to draw back perspective gone wrong, but it also turned unexpectedly well? I really really like how I somehow made this arms look somewhat beefy, unlike in most of the rest of my art where everyone has noodle arms. Granted, his hips are a little too wide. 

..I blame Tanya for the fishnets.

–And that’s five! This took me like 2 and a half hours, phew.

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Hierarchy of Ube

Hey I’ve never posted anything ever but for some reason I am now??? There isn’t enough Boyf riend content n it’s an issue that needs to b tended to
It was inspired by this rlly fuckign adorable fic thingy @slaygoldponyboy n @christinecanigula made which I’ve devoted my life 2