The serpentine soul of the adept is not created by a raise up the spine so to speak; the end is the beginning, the energy ankhs, up and down truly is all defined by our sensory perceptions, tactile sensations, and perceptions of the experience within. So whereas yes to awaken kundalini we transmute our sexual climax to receive an increase in our intuition, creative expression and in turn the serpent rises; we still must realize the path doesn’t spiral only upwards or downwards, through selflessness and application of knowledge we slowly spiral down to our fullness of spirit, however, with ignorance or impure intention we straighten this spiral upwards into a line, and snap the binds that imprisoned spirt into flesh and as a result must face enlightenment through a battle for the very breath we breathe and must experience the Great N.O.X. Ego death via “upwards climb of pillaring fire” is inevitable; death being the great equalizer, we must become humble-some and embody the compassion and humility of humanity in this death.

Back to the point, all revelation begins at the bottom. Up or down, they both end and begin at the top and the bottom. The energy is an ankh it comes over the head and down the front of the torso and reabsorbs into the navel center. Ida and pingala are often portrayed as two serpents along the back of the spine, but in reality, as seen with the ipsalu - cobra breath, the serpents along the nerve plexus corresponding to the system of Nadis connected to the front of the body are equally if not of more value than the commonly accepted displays, diagrams, and charts displaying Ida and pingala as only being along the back of the organism. What goes up must come down but only because Kether and Malkuth are overlapped.. The thousand lotus of sahasrara and the root or basic chakra are the two most connected chakras, the influence of that which is below surely does impact and change what is above. Envision the toroidal field, it will flow whether we want it to or not, it is a circle with a radius extending around us in all directions.. The serpentine soul is only even possible to be forged with the descending light and the cascading fire. Tipherath is the Sephora this nuclear reaction takes place, in the center.. The son of God even is known biblically to have opened the gates of hell before opening the gates of heaven.

- spinallyspiraling