“Ash Seeketh Embers”
Medium: Digital

“Yes, indeed, it is called Lothric,
Where the transitory lands of the Lords of Cinder converge.
In venturing north,  pilgrims discover the truth of the old words.
The fire fades and the lords go without thrones.
When the link of fire is threatened, the bell tolls,
Unearthing the old Lords of Cinder from their graves:
Aldrich Saint of the Deep
Farron’s Undead Legion, The Abyss Watchers
and the reclusive lord of the profaned capital,
Yhorm The Giant
Only in truth the lords will abandon their thrones
and the Unkindled will rise
Nameless accursed undead,
Unfit even to be cinder.
And so it is,
That ash seeketh embers.”

Dark Souls 3 has drawn me in deep enough that I’ve decided to do the first, at least I think, piece of fan art I’ve ever done. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a giant-living-tree-man-thing to kill. Enjoy!

Prints can be found for sale up on my Society6.

I decided to take my practice with speed doodling in a little bit different of a direction this time. I cooked up a simple sci-fi/alien drawing and played around a bit with the colors and features a bit. He’s a little wonky and strange, but it is enjoyable to paint outside of my regular frame of mind.  Enjoy!

Today I have a little character sketch based off a friend of mine. As she is fond of birds, I decided to depict her as a European Robin. Like the small portraits, the goal of this was to use only a few layers and work on how fast I work overall. 

As my friend is also an artist I will take this space to give a shout out to her work! Check out her blogs at Daily Bird Beast and Anxious Wren. She does some great scientific illustration as well as excellent concept art!

A few months ago I had the pleasure of designing a book cover and some illustrations for the novel Promethea by M. M. Abougabal. I had a lot fun with the whole project and specifically designing the cover around the famous Spear of Destiny as well as other religious symbols. The other two illustrations I did for the novel appear on the inside pages of the book when you purchase it.

Here is a good description of the book from Amazon:

“An inexplicable heist had cast its shadows on the magnificent Austrian city of Vienna, leaving its local authorities, and their failed security measures, in shambles… One of Europe’s most fabled relics, in one of its most secured museums, had just been stolen in an arrogant, deliberate tour de force with no evidence at hand. 

Yet this was not exactly the first time where the alluring Holy Spear was in danger… as Christianity’s most sought-after artefact, it had always garnered the attention of both the spiritual and the occult. 
Could the legends around the spear be considered ultimate truths? Or is there a hidden, even more sinister plot at hand? These are the questions two Interpol agents would have to answer, as one suffers from a traumatizing loss and puts an already weakened faith to the test.”

You can find the digital download for the book on Amazon.com HERE! Check it out!